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Manager General Leave FAQs

This section is designed to address many of the questions that DePaul managers may have regarding Leave of Absence.

Who can I contact if I have questions about the leave of absence process?

You can contact the Benefits Department at ext. 28232.​​

Can I contact an employee regarding work‐related issues when he/she is out on a leave of absence?

While an employee is on leave, he/she has been deemed unable to work and therefore should not be performing any work‐related tasks from home.​​

Can I talk to an employee or ask questions about the reason for the leave of absence?

No, a manager and fellow employees should not ask about the individual’s medical condition or reason for leave of absence.​​

Do I have to pay an employee who is on a leave of absence?

FMLA is an unpaid leave of absence, but the university policy allows the employee to use accrued sick, vacation, or floating holidays during the period of FMLA leave. In addition, an FMLA leave may run concurrently with short‐term disability leave. If the employee is on an approved short‐term disability leave, the salary is continued through the university’s short‐term disability budget.​

How can I cover the work when an employee is on a leave of absence?

During this time period, the manager may consider hiring a temporary employee to assist with the department workload. For additional information on hiring a temporary employee, contact the Talent Acquisition Department at ext. 26855 or your designated recruiter.​​​

What do I do if an employee tells me he or she wants to extend the leave or wants to come back to work early?

If an employee contacts you directly with a request to extend or shorten the scheduled end date of the leave, you should contact the Benefits Department at ext. 28232 for assistance.​

Who do I contact if an employee on a short term disability or FMLA leave did not return to work after the leave's scheduled end?

If an employee does not return to work on the scheduled end date and you have not been notified of an approved change to the leave end date, contact the Benefits Department at ext. 28232 immediately.​​​​

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