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Leave FAQs for Employees

This section is designed to address many of the questions that DePaul employees may have regarding Leave of Absen​ce.

The Human Resources website provides detailed information about what you should do before, during, and after a leave of absence. We ask that you review this site if you are considering a leave of absence.
Click here for information on maternity leave.

There is no official paternity leave policy; however, an employee may qualify for unpaid FMLA to take care of a newborn or family member.  See the Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) policy

Yes, it is the employee’s responsibility to notify their managers of a foreseen leave of absence.  If unforeseen, the notification of illness should be made to an employee's supervisor as soon as possible and at least within one (1) hour of the start of the scheduled workday. See the policy.  The employee is not required to discuss the specifics of illness or medical leave with his/her manager or department the nature of the medical leave.
Most benefits may continue while on an approved leave of absence as long as the employee pays the appropriate premium level and the employee continues to be eligible for the benefits.   The exception is the dependent care flexible spending account.  While on leave, participation in the dependent care flexible spending account will automatically cease as of the date the leave of absence begins. 
If you are receiving pay under any of the university policies for sick pay, short-term disability or vacation during your leave of absence your benefits continue during the leave (with the exception of the dependent care flexible spending account). Regular employee premium deductions and contributions will continue through payroll deduction. 
You may elect to discontinue your participation in Health Care Flexible Spending Account – but you must do so within 31 days of the commencement of the leave. If you elect to discontinue participation in your Spending Accounts, your participation ends at the end of the month following your last active pay period.  Expenses incurred during the leave after your participation ends are not eligible for reimbursement.  
Faculty and staff can change or stop retirement plan and Health Savings Account contributions at any time.
If you are not eligible to receive pay under any of the university policies for sick pay, short-term disability or vacation, the leave will be unpaid and you are responsible for paying the employee contribution amount for those benefits that require an employee contribution. This can be done on an after-tax basis by personal check and forwarding such payment to the Human Resources department or by arranging pre-payment via pre-tax (if appropriate) deductions prior to the leave.  
Faculty and staff can change or stop transportation program contributions at any time.
HSA contributions will be suspended during an unpaid FMLA leave.  An employee may make Health Savings Account post-tax contributions directly to his or her HSA account. Upon an employee’s return from unpaid leave, contributions that have been suspended by Human Resources will re-start automatically.  

If you choose to discontinue any benefits while on leave, you may need to re-enroll upon your return to work. You can contact the Benefits Team online or call (312) 362-8232 for more information immediately upon return to work.

If you are on an approved leave of absence, the review and/or increase will be postponed until you have returned to work.

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