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Compensation Program - Employee FAQ


Job Titles

1) Is my job title changing with the rollout of the new compensation program? If yes, why?

Your functional and/or HR job title may be changing.  If one or both are changing, it is in order to bring titling consistency across the university.  The new functional job titles have been presented and approved by your VP or Dean.  The new functional titles are streamlined and represent a logical progression from entry level to the most senior level.  ​​​​​​​

2) When will the change occur?

The target effective date for job title changes is October 31, 2016.​

3) Can I keep my old job title for my position?

If approved by your VP or Dean, you will be able to keep your functional job title; however, changes to the title used by Human Resources will be changing in the HR systems. ​​​​​​

4) Are all titles in my area changing?

Not necessarily.  If functional job titles are changing, it is to ensure consistency and that similar jobs share the same title.  This process is being used to establish consistency for all positions across the university.  If an existing title fits within the new titling convention suggested, no change will occur. ​​​​​​

5) How will I know if my job title changed?

You have been provided a personalized compensation statement that details whether or not your job title has changed.  ​​​​​​

Salary Grades

6) Why are salary grades changing?

The current salary grades are being widened and an additional grade added to accommodate continued movement within a salary grade and provide more room for salary increases for employees.​​​​​

7) Is every job moving into a new salary grade?

No. Most jobs are not changing grades.​​​​​

8) Will my salary change as a result of a grade change?

No.  Your current salary will not change as a result of the new grade, unless your salary is below the minimum of the new salary grade.  ​​​​​

9) What if my grade change puts me outside of the new salary range?

If your salary exceeds the maximum for the new salary range associated with your job, your salary will stay the same and any merit payments you may be eligible for will be paid in a lump sum payment.  The lump sum amount will not be added to your base salary.  
If your salary is below the minimum of the new grade associated with your job, you will be provided an increase to align you with the minimum of the new range.​​​

10) When will my salary grade be changed, if applicable?

The target effective date of the new salary grades is October 31, 2016. ​​​​​​

11) If my salary grade went up, is this considered a promotion?

No.  The change in grade is due to a review of the external market for your job.  The adjustment to the salary structure allows DePaul employees’ salaries to more competitive with peer organizations.     ​​​​​

12) If my salary grade went down, is this considered a demotion?

No.  The change in grade is due to a review of the external market for your job.  The adjustment to the salary structure allows DePaul employees’ salaries to more competitive with peer organizations.     ​​​​​

13) How was market data used in determining my new grade?

To determine the new grades, the compensation team reviewed external survey data. Based on aggregated market data provided by 3rd party consulting firms, jobs were assigned to the DePaul salary grade and salary structure. This data took into account the higher education sector and local information when appropriate. ​​​​​

Salary Ranges

14) Can I view the new salary range for my salary grade?

Yes.  The new salary ranges and salary structure will be posted on the HR website in Campus Connect.​​​​​​


15) Did my job change because of this redesign?

No.  Your job duties and responsibilities remain the same.    ​​​​​

16) Why was this redesign performed?

The Compensation redesign was completed for several reasons.  First, the current salary structure needed to be revised to ensure our jobs are priced competitively in the market to attract and retain excellent talent.  This new program will be reviewed periodically so that we maintain this competitive edge.  Second, we did not have a consistent titling convention across similar positions at DePaul.  This inconsistency caused confusion for employees who wished to establish a clear career path.  Finally, the previous compensation program had certain internal administrative elements that needed to be enhanced.  ​​​​​

17) Will the results of the re-design change my benefits?

No.  Any grade or title change will not affect your benefits or benefit eligibility.​​​​​

18) Will I still be eligible for a merit increase this January?

Yes, all eligible positions will be reviewed and increases will be determined based on performance.  If your existing salary is above the maximum of the newly assigned grade and you are eligible for a merit increase, your merit payment will be paid out in the form of a lump sum.    ​​​​​