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PeopleSoft Access Instructions

Access to most administrative functionality is determined by a user's role at the university. In order to get access to additional applications or functionality, IS administrators will need to grant additional security access to the environment.

To request administrative PeopleSoft access for someone, follow these steps:
  • A manager or supervisor determines access needs for employees based on the employee's roles and responsibilities. Security leads can help with determining which specific roles a user should have in order to provide the appropriate access.
  • Once the security requirements are defined, request the appropriate access by completing the PeopleSoft portion of the IS Service Request form in Campus Connect. 
  • Once the PeopleSoft access request has been submitted, a workflow process will begin to review the request, and various individuals and departments will determine if the access is appropriate.  This may include sign-off by the employee's supervisor, sign-off by the PeopleSoft Security Lead(s) responsible for reviewing the type of access requested (e.g. Admission, HR, Student Records, Payroll, etc.), and possibly a Departmental Data Steward. 
  • Any employee receiving access to PeopleSoft must also read and agree to the terms set forth in the DePaul Data Policy.  
  • Once all workflow sign-offs have been completed, IS Security administrators will update the user's access in PeopleSoft, and will complete the workflow process. 
When employees are terminated from DePaul, their access is removed once the termination workflow has been processed.  If an individual leaves a department, or transfers their job duties so they no longer need all the access they have, the manager should fill out the IS Service Request form in Campus Connect and request removal of any access no longer needed. 
If you want to completely remove access from an individual who is no longer employed by or affiliated with the university, please complete the Delete Outlook/Exchange Account form to remove all Outlook and PeopleSoft access. 

PeopleSoft Financial System Access

To request access to the PeopleSoft financial system, please email
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