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PeopleSoft Security Leads

PeopleSoft Security Leads are individuals at the University that have been given the responsibility to ensure that access to information in the PeopleSoft system is appropriately controlled and managed.  Managers should contact a Security Lead when they need help determining what types of security clearances are appropriate when requesting or changing system access for an employee. 

Dept.    Name    Ext.   Email
Admission   Pam Scanlon-Hutton    2-5741
Financial Aid   Jessica Holler
Fran Cebrzynski  
Student Financials   Jermaine Baker  
Nancy Gonzalez  
University Registrar  UR Security  2-6615
Payroll   Jim Kilian  2-7141
Human Resources   Talina Phillips


Jim Kilian
Saundra Harrison  

Timesheet Approval (Time & Labor)

Ryan Polansky  2-5566
Information Services Ikeer Savage