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File Storage

DePaul Students and Employees can take advantage of a few different offerings through DePaul to store files and to collaborate with their peers. 

DePaul Network File Storage (U&W Drives)

DePaul manages our own secure networked file storage system, available to all DePaul employees.  All employees are automatically provided with personal storage (U: drive), and may also take advantage of shared folders for department/team storage (W: Drive).  Additional details about U&W drives may be found here.  

Webdrive File Access

Information Services provides access to network file storage for the convenience and productivity of DePaul employees. To access your files, visit from any web browser.  At the prompt for credentials enter your CampusConnect username and password. Once you are logged in, you will be presented with your U drive.  In the left panel you will also be able to access your W drive. Learn more about Webdrive.


Box cloud storage at DePaul will be retired as of September 2020. If you have an existing account, Information Services will notify you via email with your exact migration date prior to your cloud storage migration.  If you are looking for cloud storage, Information Services suggests the use of your University OneDrive. Additional details regarding the Box storage and the Box-to-OneDrive migration​ that occurred in September 2020.

OneDrive (Office 365)

As part of DePaul's Office 365 for Education offering, faculty, staff, and students can take advantage of up to 5TB of cloud storage using the Office 365 OneDrive service.  You can view more details regarding the DePaul Office 365 offering. Learn more about OneDrive and how to access your account.