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Contact Security

​​General Correspondence:
To contact Information Security for assistance with general questions or correspondence
To reach us by mail:
Information Security Team
DePaul University
55 East Jackson, Suite 700
Chicago, Illinois 60604 US
Reporting an Incident:
To report computer or network security incidents originating from DePaul University email: When reporting a computer or network related security incident, we strongly urge you to use encryption when contacting Information Security via email. 

Public Encryption Keys:

DePaul University maintains the following address space:
Autonomous System Name: DEPAUL
Autonomous System Number: 20130


Autonomous System Name: DEPAUL-DFT
Autonomous System Number: 54728

Netblock: 2620:0:2250::/48

UTC Offset:
UTC -0600
UTC -0500 from 2nd Sunday on March - First Sunday in November