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  • Accessing Your Email

    DePaul employees have several options for accessing their BlueM@il ( the Outlook Desktop App, the Outlook Web​ App, or through an email app on a smartphone or other mobile device.
  • Account Creation, Changes & Deletion

    DePaul employee email accounts are automatically created and provided for all DePaul full-time, part-time and student employees.  Accounts can also be requested for certain other groups of non-employees that are affiliated with DePaul.  This page contains information on how to request, update, or delete an individual's employee email account.  ​
  • Accounts

    This section contains information about the creation and deletion of employee email accounts, resource accounts and distribution lists.  It also includes information for employees about changing the email address, directory information, or profile photo for their account.
  • Distribution Lists

    An employee email distribution list is helpful when sending emails to a group of DePaul emails (department or team members). The lists may be as large or small as you need.​  This page contains instructions for requesting a new distribution list.
  • Email Retention & Archives

    The university maintains several different email retention policies depending on mailbox type. This page includes a full explanation of the various retention policies​ as well as instructions on how to access your email archive.
  • Employee BlueM@il FAQ

    ​Common questions about DePaul employee email answered.
  • Employee Email

    ​All full-time, part-time and student employees, as well as some other approved groups, are eligible for an employee BlueM@il email account (​.
  • Long Email Addresses

    ​DePaul provides an option for faculty and staff to select a different email address for use instead of the default address.  This page includes information and instructions on selecting a new primary email address.
  • Mass Mailing

    ​Mass mailings may be used when a DePaul constituent wishes to communicate with a large group of people via email. The Email Broadcasts and Other University Communications University policy establishes several categories of mass mailings at DePaul; the ways in which Information Services supports these categories are detailed on this page.
  • Mobile Devices

    ​DePaul faculty, staff, and student employees can sync their employee email and calendar with their smartphones and other devices.  
  • Outlook Desktop App

    Outlook is the preferred email client for use with DePaul's faculty and staff email accounts.   It also includes a calendar, task manager, contact manager and notes.  There are several versions of Outlook in use on campus, both for Windows and Mac.
  • Outlook on the Web

    The Outlook Web App (OWA) provides all employees with an online method for accessing their BlueM@il email (​ when away from their office computers. It offers many of the same functions as the Outlook desktop clients for Windows and Mac OS X, and can be accessed from any web browser.
  • Resource Accounts

    Email resource accounts can be setup for use for a department, team, or project. A resource account functions like a regular employee email account for sending and receiving email.​ They can be accessed by their faculty or staff account owner as well as any number of account delegates.  This page includes instructions for account owners and delegates on requesting and accessing a resource account.
  • Student Email / Office 365

    All currently enrolled DePaul students, both full- and part-time, are entitled to a free Office 365 for Education account.  This account includes an email address, the ability to install the latest version of Office on personally-owned computers, and access to the online Office Web Apps from any computer or mobile device.
  • Update Directory Info & Photo

    As a DePaul faculty, staff or student employee, you can make changes to the information that shows up you in the Outlook Address book, including your title, department, office location, and phone number.  You can also change the photo that is displayed in the DePaul HR system, Outlook and Skype for Business.