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Employee E-mail

All full-time, part-time, and student employees, as well as some other approved groups, are eligible for an employee e-mail account. Your address will be, where username is your Campus Connect username. Faculty and staff are also eligible for a longer primary e-mail address.

Generally, DePaul employees use of several supported versions of the Microsoft Outlook desktop application to access their email. Employees can also access their mail from any web browser using the Outlook Web App, or on mobile devices​.

  • Accounts

    This section contains information about the creation and deletion of employee e-mail accounts, resource accounts and distribution lists.  It also includes information for employees about changing the email address, directory information, or profile photo for their account.

  • Accessing Your E-Mail

    DePaul employees have several options for accessing their e-mail: the Outlook Desktop App, the Outlook Web App, or through an e-mail app on a smartphone or other mobile device.
  • E-mail Retention & Archives

    The University maintains several different e-mail retention policies depending on mailbox type.  This page includes a full explanation of the various retention policies​ as well as instructions on how to access your email archive.
  • Mass Mailing

    ​Mass mailings may be used when a DePaul constituent wishes to communicate with a large group of people via e-mail. The E-Mail Broadcasts and Other University Communications University policy establishes several categories of mass mailings at DePaul; the ways in which Information Services supports these categories are detailed on this page.
  • Spam Control

    DePaul University makes use of the Google Apps message security service on all mail traffic entering and exiting the University. This service provides University faculty and staff with e-mail protection against spam and viruses so that malicious messages will not reach any user’s inbox.​  Information on this service, as well as instructions for accessing quarantined messages, can be found on this page.
  • Employee E-mail FAQ

    ​Common questions about DePaul employee e-mail answered.