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Employee Email

All full-time, part-time, and student employees, as well as some other approved groups, are eligible for an employee email account. Your BlueM@il email address is Faculty and staff are also eligible for a longer primary email address.

DePaul employees normally use one of several supported versions of the Microsoft Outlook desktop application to access their email. Check out detailed instructions to connect to BlueM@il through Outlook desktop, web, or mobile apps.

Accessing Your Email

DePaul employees have several options for accessing their BlueM@il ( the Outlook Desktop App, the Outlook Web App, or through an email app on a smartphone or other mobile device. For each app, users must login with their BlueKey login credentials and authenticate with BlueKey multi-factor authentication (MFA).


If you need assistance setting up your phone to receive your DePaul employee email, please contact the Help Desk at 312-362-8765 or visit the Genius Squad.

Account Creation, Changes and Deletion

Information Services maintains the email system for the university. Email accounts are created and provided for all DePaul employees.

Long Email Addresses

A long email address allows DePaul faculty and staff to customize the appearance of their email address ( Please note that this does not change your username, which should still be used for logging into DePaul systems. If you have any questions, please contact the Help Desk. You can also call 312-362-8765 or email

Mass Mailing

Mass mailings may be used when a DePaul constituent wishes to communicate with a large group of people via email. The Email Broadcasts and Other University Communications University policy establishes several categories of mass mailings at DePaul; the ways in which Information Services supports these categories are detailed on this page.

Reserve a Workspace

With many DePaul employees now working remotely, some departments have opted to move from permanent individual office spaces to temporary shared workspaces. Each workspace can be individually reserved through your DePaul BlueM@il account. Workspaces are often offices, cubicles, or any place commonly used as a workstation.

Resource Accounts ( group email addresses)

A resource account is an "@depaul" email address for a specific team, project, department, etc.  For example, is a resource account to the Benefits team in HR.  You can request an email resource account if you need an e-mail address for a team or project. A resource account functions like a regular employee e-mail account for sending and receiving email.

Phishing and Spam Control

If you wish to block certain emails from reaching your Inbox and have them delivered to your Junk Email folder instead, you may add them to your Blocked Senders list. Note: Mac users will need to follow the instructions to Add Safe Senders in Outlook on the Web.

Update Directory Info & Photo

As a DePaul faculty, staff or student employee, you can make changes to the information that shows up you in the Outlook Address book, including your title, department, office location, and phone number.  You can also change the photo that is displayed in the DePaul HR system, Microsoft Outlook and Teams. You have the option to display your DePaul ID photo, a custom photo, or no photo.

Microsoft Bookings

Microsoft Bookings is a collaborative scheduling tool with a web-based booking page. Creators or team members assigned as administrators can use the Bookings web-application to customize the booking page, manage staff, and set service offerings.

Distribution Lists

An employee email distribution list is helpful when sending emails to a group of DePaul emails (department or team members). The lists may be as large or small as you need.

Email Retention & Archives

DePaul maintains several different email retention policies depending on mailbox type. Please review the information below for a full explanation of the various retention policies. The Help Desk can answer any questions that you may have.

A Note to Faculty

DePaul faculty members are strongly encouraged to use their email addresses when sending important communications to students and
colleagues to ensure messages are delivered.