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Technology Services and Resources for Faculty

Below you will find some of the most commonly used technology resources that are available to faculty at DePaul. For a printable guide to technology resources for DePaul employees, download the Employee Tech Guide​.

New Faculty Members

Please keep in mind that some services cannot be accessed until Human Resources finishes processing your new hire paperwork. For information about hiring procedures, please contact Human Resources at 312-362-8500 or Ext. 2-8500. 

Campus Connect

Campus Connect is your gateway to many web-based services at DePaul.  This is where faculty members have the ability to view class rosters, assign official grades, view paystubs and perform other related tasks.

Most computer systems at DePaul use your Campus Connect username and password.  If you have forgotten your Campus Connect password, please use the Recover Password link, which is located at the bottom of the Campus Connect login page.  Your password will be sent to your preferred email address. You can also obtain your password by by calling the Help Desk at 312-362-8765 or visiting the nearest ID Card Office with a valid photo ID.

Classroom Technology

There are over 400 technology equipped classrooms across the DePaul campuses.  These classrooms consist of a computer, LCD projector, amplifier and laptop connectivity. 

PC Classrooms are hybrid computer labs/classrooms that provide the same teaching experience as regular classrooms, with the addition of individual computers for each student. A PC classroom also provides access to an Intelliprint station in the room. There are PC Classrooms located on all DePaul campuses and can be reserved through the room​ reservation process.

Computer Labs

Computers labs are located on all DePaul campuses.  Faculty may also access a virtual computer lab service​, which offers some of the same software available in the labs, available from any faculty member's Windows or Mac computer.  There are also PC classroom labs on each campus, available by reservation.

DePaul ID Card

Your DePaul ID Card serves as your official campus identification.  It gives you access to DePaul services, such as library checkout, computer labs, and printers.  ID Services will issue you an ID card free of charge when you present a valid photo ID card. 

DePaul ID Cards can be programmed to allow you access to various buildings and rooms.  Door access is granted by an authorized department representative. To activate photocopy access on a DePaul ID Card, an authorized department representative should contact Document Services.

Desire 2 Learn (D2L)

D2L is an electronic course management system that enables interaction between students and faculty. D2L incorporates document sharing, discussion boards, email, an online grade book, assignment drop boxes, chat rooms, small group areas, online quizzes, and more.  Log in with your Campus Connect username and password.  Faculty support and training in D2L is provided by Teaching Commons

If you are a faculty member who is new to D2L, please visit Teaching Commons for a list of helpful tutorials.  Written guides and videos explain how to create and combine courses, upload course content, communicate with students, create quizzes, record attendance, create a gradebook, record grades, among a variety of other tasks.​​


A DePaul email account is automatically provisioned for all DePaul employees, including faculty members. You can access your email account on a DePaul Mac or PC using the Outlook Desktop App. You can also access email using the Outlook Web App at Use your Campus Connect username and password to log in. DePaul staff and faculty may also choose personalized long emails for use based on their name. You also have the option of connecting your smartphone and other mobile devices to DePaul’s email server. Please see the instructions for setting up your DePaul email on your smartphone or other mobile device, or contact the Help Desk for assistance.

Guest Wireless Network Sponsorship

Visitors and guests with a business need to access the network and a faculty or staff sponsor can access wireless through the depaul-guest network.  Conference attendees are also able to use the depaul-guest wireless network for the duration of the conference.  If you are hosting a conference or need assistance hosting a guest on the depaul-guest network, please call the Help Desk.

Instructional Technology

DePaul faculty have access to a wide variety of instructional technologies, including:

Support for most instructional technologies at DePaul is provided by the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL). CTL assists faculty in using technology to enhance teaching and learning, by providing training, consultation, online course design and development and end-user support of technology applications.  ​ Technical Training

DePaul faculty, staff, and students can log in to for unlimited FREE access to a vast online library of instructional videos covering the latest software, creative and business skills. Taught by accomplished teachers and recognized industry experts, is a high-quality resource for those looking to develop skills in Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, Mac & Windows, SPSS, Tableau, databases, web design, social media, photography, audio & video, design, animation, business and a wide range of other topics.  Visit for more information and to log in.

Library Resources

Library resources include specialized digital and online resources to support research and teaching needs.  Ares is the library's course material reserve system.  For assistance digitizing DVDs on reserve in DePaul's library for distribution via D2L, contact your area's Course Reserves Contact or review the How To Get Started Using Ares Course Reserves guide.

Macs on Campus

If you are a Mac user, visit this page for more information about using Macs on campus, including how to access your network drives.

Mobile Phones

You have the option of connecting your smartphone and other mobile devices to DePaul’s wireless network and Exchange email server. Please follow the mobile device setup instructions, or contact the Help Desk for assistance.

If an employee's job requires them to have a mobile phone, the department's Budget Manager can work with Procurement to place an order through AT&T Premier, DePaul's preferred vendor.​

Network Connection

To connect a computer to our network via a wired network cable where one was not previously connected, a network jack may need to be installed and/or activated.  The department's Budget Manager should submit the network activation request form.

Network Drives

​DePaul employees may save data on two network drives​.  Both network drives are backed-up nightly.  U: is a personal network drive just for youW: is a shared network drive for work.  Your supervisor can request access to the necessary portions of the W drive for you. To access the network drives:
  • Windows: through the "My PC" or "My Computer" icon on any DePaul owned PC
  • Mac: access the DePaul Drive Mapper here
  • Off Campus: visit the Webdrive page

Ordering Computer & Network Equipment

To order new computers and network equipment, contact  For new hires, departments should place orders at the very beginning of the hiring process.  Please allow 28 business days for equipment to be shipped and installed.  For more information about ordering and computer models, please visit the Computer Replacement Program​ section of this website. 

PC Classrooms

PC Classrooms are hybrid computer labs/classrooms that provide the same teaching experience as Technology Equipped Classrooms, with the addition of individual computers for each student. A PC classroom also provides access to an Intelliprint station directly in the room. There are PC Classrooms located on all DePaul campuses and can be reserved through DePaul's room reservation system.

All computers in PC Classrooms have the same standard lab software that is provided in all computer labs. If the software you need is not on the list, please follow the Lab and Classroom Software request process to have the software installed.

PeopleSoft and Datamart Database Access

If a faculty member's job requires access to PeopleSoft or Datamart databases, the faculty member and manager should fill out the appropriate access request form.


DePaul provides computing resources to the university community to provide educational experiences, perform research and development, conduct business activities, and provide cost-effective communication.  DePaul University has several policies that govern the use of software, technology and data.  These policies apply to anyone who uses the DePaul network or other university technology.  Please familiarize yourself with the full text of these policies.

Printing on Campus

Network Printers

Most offices have access to shared departmental network printers.  For assistance adding a network printer to your computer, please contact the Help Desk.

Intelliprint Printers

The Intelliprint system allows DePaul faculty, staff, and students to print from computers in DePaul computer labs and PC Classrooms. A DePaul ID Card is needed to use the printers.  Certain DePaul employees and all students receive a set amount of free print credits each quarter. Additional funds can be added to your Demon Express account.  With the free iPrint from Anywhere software, you can also print wirelessly from your laptop to the lab Intelliprint printers. Download the software from Campus Connect.


The Information Security team offers a variety of services to safeguard the university’s information assets and the personal privacy of university community members.  If you have a question or concern about computer security, email For tips on how to keep your computer safe from viruses, malware, and other malicious attacks, please visit our security page and read our list of Top 10 Computer Security Tips.

Technical Support

The Help Desk is your first point of contact for technical assistance.  The Help Desk provides free assistance via phone, email and web for the DePaul community.  We support all DePaul computers, software, email accounts, and telephones.  We troubleshoot and resolve hardware and software related issues on both Mac and PC operating systems.


All software installed on DePaul computers must be properly licensed.  For information on software that is currently available on DePaul lab, classroom, and office computers or how to purchase new software, visit the software section of our website.
Need to upgrade your personal computer or software? The Demon Discounts website provides discounted products and services, including computer hardware and softwareto the university community.

Telephone and Voicemail

Faculty have access to the DePaul phone and voicemail system. Accounts must be created for all new faculty members. The hiring department initiates this request several days before the employee's first day.  To learn how to use your phone, view the Telephone Features and Voicemail Instructions pages.

Wireless Internet Access

Wireless network access is available on all DePaul campuses.  There are wireless access points installed in all DePaul buildings, and wireless is accessible from most DePaul classrooms and labs.  DePaul employees can connect to the wireless network with any wireless capable device using their Campus Connection username and password.  Follow the setup instructions related to your device. 

Eduroam is also available at DePaul and on participating University Campuses, giving you wireless access when traveling to participating institutions. Eduroam is the secure worldwide federated network access service developed for the international research and education community.   

For more information about wireless access, visit our wireless page.  If you experience diffuculty connecting, contact the Help Desk or visit the Genius Squad.​

Box Cloud Storage

Box is a cloud storage and collaboration platform.  DePaul faculty, staff, and students have access to free unlimited cloud storage, allowing them to easily store, edit, and collaborate on documents from from anywhere.  Find more information, including how to log in, at

Virtual Labs

​DePaul offers a virtual computer lab service for use by students and faculty. The virtual lab, powered by Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, offers some of the same software applications that are installed in our physical computer labs and makes those applications available on your computer, on or off campus.
Currently available software applications can be viewed here.

Skype for Business

Skype for Business  is a communication and collaboration solution for DePaul's faculty and staff, providing DePaul employees the ability to collaborate via Instant Messaging, Video and Audio Conferencing, Desktop Sharing, and more.   To find out more about DePaul's Skype for Business offering, click here.