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System Updates


These alerts detail any service impacts, unplanned outages, critical security issues such as widespread virus outbreaks or phishing scams.   If you have any questions about these service impacting issues, or want to know how they might affect you, please contact the Help Desk

Alert Description


IS Updates

This list will include some details around what is new and changing within Information Services and the services we support.  Here you can find a listing of planned system updates, upcoming maintenance, and major project updates.

Event Description

Exchange Mail System Maintenance

Date: Jan 23, 2018 11:00 PM
Services:This will affect DePaul's Exchange mail system.
User Impact:Users logged onto Exchange through the web interface ( or accessing via a front-end client (Outlook or mobile device) may experience intermittent connectivity loss during this maintenance period. These connectivity losses should be relatively short, and will only impact those users connected to a server while it is being updated. Web users accessing a server being updated may be logged out of their session and will need to log back in. While some emails may be delayed during this maintenance work, all emails will be delivered once work is completed.
Information Services will be performing update maintenance on DePaul's Exchange servers. This work will be done on Tuesday, January 23, beginning at approximately 11PM, and should be completed by 1AM Wednesday.

DePaul DNS Maintenance

Date: Jan 24, 2018 3:00 PM
Services:This will only affect DNS servers in the Loop Data Center
User Impact:We do not anticipate any impact from this maintenance work.
DePaul System administrators will be making some updates to DePaul's production DNS servers on Wednesday, January 24, at ~3PM.

DePaul Network Maintenance

Date: Jan 27, 2018 8:00 AM
Services:This will impact the core switches only in the main Elk Grove data center. During this work, server and storage network traffic will switch from primary to backup router chassis.
User Impact:We do not anticipate that the user community will experience any noticeable impact from this work, as servers should have redundant connections to backup routers.
Information Services will be conducting maintenance on the core switch in DePaul's primary data center. This work will begin at ~1AM on Saturday, January 27, and should be completed by 2AM.