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Computer Hardware Under Warranty

The Help Desk will provide warranty repair and replacement of any computer parts that are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

Computer Hardware Out of Warranty

The Help Desk takes a “best effort” approach to identify, isolate, and resolve any hardware related issues for computers that are no longer covered under warranty.  As a computer ages, hardware tends to fail and it becomes increasingly difficult and costly to find compatible parts for repairs or upgrades.  Older computers also pose more security risks and are more susceptible to viruses.  Once a computer is out of warranty, it becomes impractical to invest time and money into further maintenance.  For these reasons, it is recommended that such computers should not be used for any critical function or relied upon to perform acceptably, and we recommend that these machines be retired through the Salvage Program.

Though the Help Desk will provide best effort support, if extensive time or cost will be required it will be recommended that the department replace it with a new computer. If you need assistance, you can get assistance from the Help Desk.

Operating System Support

The Help Desk will provide troubleshooting support for Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Mac OS X operating systems that have been installed by the Technology Depot onto DePaul purchased computers.  For information specific to operating system, please visit PCs on Campus or Macs on Campus.

Application Support

The Help Desk will provide support for applications that are included on the operating system as configured by the Technology Depot.  The Help Desk will provide installation, configuration, and limited troubleshooting support for specialized or custom applications as long as licensing requirements are met and software is approved and purchased accordingly.  For more information about the software that is installed on DePaul imaged computers, please see what software is available for DePaul use.