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Printer Standards

In order to ensure a safer computing environment, you should consider the following minimum requirements for your printer:

  • Support of enterprise management capabilities, such as secure account and password controls, remote management capability, etc.
  • Firewall or ACL capabilities
  • Network connectivity (if shared access is required)
  • Ability to enable and disable necessary features and protocols
  • Support by WebJetAdmin is required

Typically, home or consumer lines of printers do not meet these minimum requirements, so Information Services recommends HP and Dell as our preferred printer vendors.  The HP Pro and Enterprise models meet the desired management and security requirements. 

The Help Desk will make a best-effort approach for performing any local or network printer maintenance.  In some instances a third party provider may need to be contacted for support.*


All network printers must be purchased by IS and should not be purchased by the department. 


The Help Desk​​ will provide support for DePaul University printing needs as follows:

Printer Deployment

The Help Desk will deploy newly purchased printers or re-deploy existing printers after the devices have been delivered to their respected departments or destinations.  This includes unpacking and positioning the printing device, installing and configuring supplies that are included with the printer (toner, paper trays, printer control settings, etc) and making initial power and network connections.  The Help Desk will also collaborate with other IS departments to have the printer configured on the network for proper shared use.  The Help Desk will provide instructions for printer connectivity and place any appropriate support labels on the printing device.  The personnel of the department to which the printing device belongs will be responsible for keeping the printer supplied with toner, ink, and paper, and other related consumables.

Printer Service and Repair

The scope of printing service and repair covered by the Help Desk includes but is not limited to: basic troubleshooting and diagnostics, network connectivity issues, and maintenance parts installations (fusers, rollers, and other consumables).  If troubleshooting and diagnostics reveal an issue that is beyond the scope of the Help Desk's capabilities, service from a third party provider may need to be contacted.  The Help Desk will provide equipment quotes and recommendations when necessary. 

*NOTE: The department to which the printer belongs will be liable for the cost of maintenance and repair parts as well as any costs charged by third party support technicians.  ​​​​​​​