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Computer Encryption

What is Data Encryption?

Encryption technology can protect information that is stored on a computer hard drive by making it more difficult for unauthorized users to access that data. Disk drive encryption technology scrambles the data stored on the computer’s hard drive, so that it is unreadable unless the user has the correct key to unscramble the data.

Windows Encryption

All Windows computers at DePaul that are imaged by DePaul’s Information Services department come configured with Microsoft’s BitLocker encryption technology. This is seamless to the user and allows Information Services to fully support users in the event of hardware issues or configuration changes. More information on BitLocker can be found here.

Mac Encryption

Mac users can make use of Apple’s FileVault technology. FileVault is somewhat similar to BitLocker, in that it provides for the encryption of the hard drive in a Mac computer. FileVault is not something that is centrally administered by Information Services, and must be set up by the individual user. Detailed instructions for how to configure FileVault on your Mac, along with the procedure to share your encryption key with Information Services in the event that you need it recovered, can be found here.