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​ImageNow is an Electronic Content Management system managed by DePaul Information Services.  It allows for electronic document management functions such as the scanning, sharing, storing, and managing of electronic documents.

Product Features

  • Reduce paperwork by scanning paper documents into ImageNow system
  • Link to information in Campus Connect to auto-tag electronic documents for easier searching
  • Create electronic documents directly with a variety of custom options
  • Stay compliant with document retention requirements
  • Access your documents over the web with WebNow
  • Automate document workflows in your department


If you would like to see how ImageNow could be used in your area or to schedule a product demo please contact
If you have technical questions or need technical support for ImageNow or WebNow, please contact

WebNow Client Requirements

Java software is required to be installed on your computer if you use WebNow.  ImageNow client users are not required to have Java installed.  WebNow supports the latest version of 32bit Java.  If you need to install Java manually for any reason you can find a link to the latest version of 32bit Java here.  If you would like to verify the version of Java you have installed on your computer, you can check it by going here

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