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Hosted Infrastructure

Information Services provides hosting services to departments and college offices at DePaul in support of official university business or academic use.  The high-level overview of what IS provides, and what the Campus Partner is expected to provide, can be found below.  A more detailed explanation of the hosting arrangement is in the attached System Hosting Arrangement.pdf.  Any questions can be directed to the Director of Infrastructure.

Information Services will:
  • Provide a server to host your application, and install a supported server operating system, the version of which will be discussed between you/your vendor and IS.  IS will also install updates to the server operating system on an ongoing basis and provide operating system level support.
  • Provide a high-speed data network which your server/application can use. 
  • Provide basic security policies and configurations for your operating system, install anti-virus software, and keep this software up to date. 
  • Install a backup client, assist with initial configuration, provide back-up media, and monitor for successful data backups as well as update the backup client as necessary.  In the event of an issue where the system needs to be restored from backup, IS will recover backed-up data from an agreed-upon date/time to a location. 
  • If necessary, install a database in our Oracle or SQL farms and provide the license for this database.  Database configuration details will need to be provided by you/your vendor.
  • Upon request, assist in the setup of basic up/down monitoring of your server and alert you if the monitoring system detects that your system is not available. 
Campus Partner or their vendor will:
  • Install your application and any associated frameworks or components required.
  • Keep your application and any software components you install up to date, particularly with regard to critical security patches.
  • Provide as much notice as possible of any plans to upgrade your application so IS can make resources available to assist as necessary.
  • Provide information about what data should be backed up.  In the event of an issue where the system needs to be restored from backup, it will be the your/your vendor’s responsibility to use the recovered data to reconstitute your application and restore functionality.
  • Configure and maintain your application according to any best practices provided by the software manufacturer.
  • Only use your server for the purpose or application it was initially set up for.  If you need to install another piece of software, please ask for another server, or consult with IS to see if it will be ok to install on your existing server.
  • Provide and maintain contact information for a technical contact who is capable of addressing technical issues related to your server/application.
  • Provide and maintain contact information for a functional owner who is capable of making decisions regarding your system’s functionality and availability, communicating with any user community, and taking overall responsibility for the existence of this system at DePaul.
  • Be responsible for working out arrangements with IS for who will access the server, and how that access will be added/removed/audited.
  • Answer any emails received from IS regarding your server/application in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Upon request from IS, test system functionality in a reasonable amount of time.

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