ServiceNow Portal Design and Build

Project Description

Designed, built, and launched service portals for Financial Affairs, Jarvis CDM, and a larger portal that includes data from every ServiceNow portal in one location. Worked with Financial Affairs and CDM groups to create a robust and helpful knowledge base and a straightforward service portal design. Worked in conjunction with the ServiceNow team and university leadership to create a "portal of portals" that displays search results from all accessible knowledge bases and displays all tickets and requests across portals. 

Primary Strategic Drivers

  • Technology Support and Services
  • Technology Consolidation
  • Knowledge Management

Collaborative Groups

  • Financial Affairs
  • Office of the EVP
  • Jarvis CDM

Collaborative Teams within Information Services

  • ServiceNow team
  • Help Desk

Groups Benefiting from the Project

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Student Employees