Windows 2012 Server Retirement Project

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Windows 2012 Server Retirement Project

Project Description

The Windows Server 2012 (R2) Retirement Project entailed updating or retiring 140 on premises servers that were due to have end of life/ expired support.  As of October of 2023, all of the applications running on a Windows 2012 Server needed to be addressed in order to maintain security and support standards for the University.

Windows Server Support and Security: This project kicked off in September of 2021 due to the sheer volume of application users and owners as well as the high number of on prem servers.  By the September of 2023, we had either upgraded or retired approximately 70% of the total number of Windows 2012 servers.  Many were in place upgraded to Window 2019 servers, while some were upgraded to Windows 2022, and others retired and put of service.  The remaining Windows 2012 servers needed to be put into extended support until they can be addressed.

Primary Strategic Drivers

  • End-of-life Server Support
  • Security Risks
  • Outdated Application Support

Collaborative Groups

  • Several Application Users and Owners
  • Information Services

Collaborative Teams within Information Services

  • IS Systems
  • IS Infrastructure

Groups Benefiting from the Project

  • Application Users/ Owners
  • Staff/ Faculty Administrators