DePaul Phone Service Modernization

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DePaul Phone Service Modernization

Project Description

In the coming months, the Networks and Telecom team in Information Services will be expanding Microsoft Teams to include its Teams Phone feature. DePaul users will continue to have the same dedicated phone number that they have had before to make and receive calls inside and outside of DePaul. After the upgrade, calls to this dedicated number will go to the Teams app on your laptop, phone, or web browser. Microsoft Teams will also include a phone keypad feature for dialing phone numbers within the app.

Primary Stategic Drivers

  • Cost Savings
  • Utilization of Existing Applications

Collaborative Groups

  • Practically every office, school, and department at DePaul

Collaborative Teams within Information Services

  • Infrastructure
  • Networks
  • Application Engineers
  • Enterprise Architecture

Groups Benefiting from the Project

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Student Employees