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Blue Demon Card - Mobile Credential

Project Description

The incorporation of the Blue Demon Card as a mobile credential that resides on the phones of current students, faculty, and staff. This project was far-reaching in its scope. Every part of the university that used a card reader or card swipe technology was impacted and many areas collaborated with the IT PMO team to transform the university campuses into mobile-credential-ready environments. This project ultimately provided students and employees with the convenience of having their identification on their mobile phones.

Convenience for new students: This project was done in conjunction with many groups, but specifically with the help of Admissions and Orientation Offices. New students receive a lot of information as they enroll and begin classes. The mobile credential created a convenient way for them to get their Blue Demon Card before the term began. Although they still had the opportunity to obtain a physical card, it was no longer necessary to visit the Blue Demon Card offices during those busy initial weeks of school.

Primary Strategic Drivers

  • Mobile Device Utilization and Convenience
  • Student Retention
  • Security
  • Contactless Campus
  • Student Engagement

Collaborative Groups

  • Admissions
  • Orientation
  • Facility Operations
  • Library
  • The Ray
  • Housing
  • Human Resources
  • Financial Affairs

Collaborative Teams within Information Services

  • Development
  • Infrastructure
  • Security
  • Blue Demon Card Offices
  • The Help Desk
  • The Genius Squad

Groups Benefiting from the Project

  • New Students
  • Current Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff