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Frequently Asked Questions

The COVID-19 pandemic has created varied demands on the workload across the university. Some areas are experiencing a very high level of requests for services while others have experienced a reduction in work. This program was designed to match work opportunities in areas experiencing high demand with employees from other areas who have the time, desire and skills necessary to complete additional tasks.

The Talent Acquisition team within the Office of Human Resources will manage the program. Questions about the program may be directed to Talent Acquisition at or you may contact your assigned Talent Acquisition consultant.

This program is designed for staff employees; student employees are not eligible for this program.

Program participants will be determined by managers. Managers and employees should discuss the program and determine the employee’s availability to work in other areas. Employees are encouraged to participate but are not required to do so. Multiple employees may be shared or requested by a single area. Employees who are currently on progressive discipline are not able to participate in the Talent Share program.

Employees will continue to consult with their "home" manager regarding time-off and other requests. An employee’s "home" manager will be in communication with the temporary manager regarding scheduling, absences, etc. Managers who receive a shared employee will provide training, resources, job feedback, and access needed to complete the job.

Managers who would like to request talent should complete the Request Talent form. Managers will be asked to include a brief summary of tasks the shared employee will be expected to complete and the desired skills, experience, etc., needed to complete those tasks.

Likewise, managers who would like to share an employee should complete the Share Talent form. Managers will be asked to include the skills, experience, etc., that your employee can offer. The position currently held by the employee to be shared will be noted on that form. Based on the position held, the receiving manager will have an understanding of the shared employee’s normal duties and corresponding qualifications.

The Talent Acquisition team will compare requests for assistance to employees who are available, identify potential matches, and connect the two managers. The managers will determine if it is a good match and, if so, agree to the Talent Share. They will notify the Talent Acquisition team about the results so that the request/share database can be updated.

Changes to funding are not expected. The staff employee will continue to be paid from their “home” area; so budget transfers are not necessary.                         

Non-exempt employees will continue to log their hours on their regular timesheet. The employee’s "home" manager will continue to approve the employee’s hours. However, the two managers must communicate to validate the total number of hours worked between the two areas.

This program will benefit DePaul by advancing mission-critical tasks and balancing the institution-wide workload. It also creates professional growth opportunities for shared employees.

The new assignment should be viewed as an opportunity for professional growth. The shared employee may learn new skills and gain an understanding of how other areas of DePaul function.

If the “shared” employee works on a temporary assignment for a duration of 3 to 6 months, this experience can be included in next year’s performance appraisal.

The program will be in effect until it is deemed no longer needed. The ending date will be contingent on the university’s response to local recommendations regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.