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Share Talent

Managers who have eligible employees available to support the needs of other units complete the Share Talent form. Employees should be chosen for the Talent Share opportunity only if they are interested in taking on a temporary assignment. Assignments can be either on-site or remote work.

How to share talent with another unit...

  1. Review the current workload and assignments. Determine if any employees have additional capacity. If so, how much of their time could be shared with another area? Review this information with your manager and other appropriate leadership in your area before submitting an offer to share talent.
  2. Discuss the opportunity with the employee. An employee must be interested in taking on a temporary assignment—it cannot be required by a manager.
  3. Submit the Share Talent form. A Talent Acquisition consultant will work with you to determine if there is a placement match in another area.

  4. Complete the Share Talent form
Flowchart explaining the process for sharing talent 

Looking to request talent?

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