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Request Talent

Managers who need assistance should complete the Request Talent form. Collected information will include a brief summary of tasks the assigned employee will be expected to complete and the skills, experience, and knowledge needed to complete those tasks.

How to request talent from another unit...

  1. Review the current workload and assignments. Determine what additional assistance you need, how critical it is, and for how long. Review this information with your manager and other appropriate leadership in your area before submitting a request for talent.
  2. Identify needed training and resources. Determine the training needed by the employee who will be assigned to you temporarily. Identify any standard operating procedures that they will need to know in order to be successful. Additionally, create a list of the necessary software, contacts, other information and other resources they will need to complete the work.
  3. Submit the Request Talent form. A Talent Acquisition consultant will work with you to finalize the information that they will use to find talent for your opportunity.

  4. Complete the Request Talent form
Flowchart explaining the request talent process  

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