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Voluntary Termination:

For employees voluntarily resigning, the manager will complete the same checklist as involuntary terminations. Please see Employee Resignation for more information about voluntary terminations.

Managers must review the Manager Termination Checklist and perform the necessary termination tasks to prepare for the employee's departure.

Managers must also consult with an Employee Relations & Equal Employment Opportunity representative to discuss any outstanding issues or concerns and process the termination in PeopleSoft. 

Involuntary Termination:

An involuntary termination is when management makes the decision that an employee should be released from his/her job responsibilities. In all situations, an Employee Relations & Equal Employment Opportunity representative must be consulted prior to the involuntary termination of an employee. This consultation will determine if appropriate and documented progressive discipline procedures have been applied.

All involuntary terminations must be approved by the Vice President of Human Resources.

Terminations, whether voluntary or involuntary must be processed by the manager in a timely manner.

Please contact Employee Relations & Equal Employment Opportunity with questions or concerns regarding an involuntary termination.

Note: Prompt processing of the required documents allows the manager the opportunity to begin immediate recruiting efforts to fill their vacancy.