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Adobe Creative Cloud

Information Services provides Adobe Creative Cloud applications via Adobe's Creative Cloud desktop app. With this new service, faculty and staff can install the latest Creative Cloud software directly from Adobe. This page details how to get started with the Creative Cloud desktop app. Students may qualify for Adobe software based on their class needs. Please contact your professor to see if you qualify.
Note for Adobe CC 2019 users with student employees:
Beginning with Adobe CC 2019, Adobe has changed its product-activation mechanism to require authentication with an Adobe ID. Devices used by student employees should not upgrade CC applications to version 2019. See "For their work, our student employees need to use Adobe applications on a University computer. How can they install these applications?" for more information on installing earlier versions of CC applications.
​Getting Started with the Creative Cloud Desktop App
Download the Creative Cloud desktop app. To do this, when the Creative Cloud website loads, select the second dropdown menu (see below screenshot). Select the appropriate download link based on your operating system, then run the downloaded executable.
Where to click on Adobe website
After you run the executable, select "Sign in with an Enterprise ID" in the window that appears. Type in your BlueM@il ( into the given "Email" field (e.g. ""). When you switch to "Password," the system will bring up BlueKey login screen (asking for your email address and password).

No Password Needed
When prompted, sign in with your BlueKey login credentials. When prompted, install the Creative Cloud desktop app installer. You must be a local administrator of your computer to install Creative Cloud applications.

The Creative Cloud desktop app will launch automatically. Sign in using  your BlueKey login credentials.
Click the "Apps" tab to list available Creative Cloud applications.
Apps Tab
Click the “Install” button next to any Adobe application that you want to install .  

Frequently Asked Questions

If your Adobe ID uses your long-form e-mail address, you are not affected by this new service. If your Adobe ID uses your BlueKey login credentials, you can still use this service, however you will now need to select "Enterprise ID" when logging into the Creative Cloud desktop app.


Enterprise ID

Each Adobe CC application has its own set of system requirements, which Adobe documents. For Adobe CC 2019, Adobe requires Mac users to run macOS version 10.12 or newer, and, on Windows, Windows 10 version 1703 and later.

DePaul's license agreement with Adobe offers work-at-home rights for Creative Cloud software for DePaul staff and faculty.  This means DePaul staff and faculty may install and use one copy of Creative Cloud software on a University-owned device and one copy on a personal device, however you may use only one of these copies at a time. Creative Cloud software is not licensed for mobile devices (e.g. phones and tablets).



You can uninstall Creative Cloud applications via the Apps tab of the Creative Cloud desktop app. Click on the downward-facing arrow next to an application, followed by clicking "Uninstall". 

Uninstall via Apps Tab


Your enterprise ID activates two installations of each application. Any additional installation attempts will require deactivating one of your two existing installations.


You need to sign into the Creative Cloud desktop app once every 99 days to make sure you stay activated. An Internet connection is required to complete re-activation. You do not need an active Internet connection to use applications.

No. Please log in using your BlueKey login credentials ( and password).


Other users accessing your computer can run applications you install. If you want to prevent this from happening, please sign out of the Creative Cloud desktop app when you finish working.


Yes. 24 hours after your username has changed, please sign in with your new e-mail address (

Yes. The University community has access to, which offers tutorials to help users improve their skills with Creative Cloud applications.

No, but you will be notified about available updates for your software. 

Information Services updates Creative Cloud software installed on classroom and lab computers once per year, usually during the summer timeframe. You can visit this page for the latest version information. The software offered through the Creative Cloud desktop app is, by default, the latest available. In order to install an older version of an application using the Creative Cloud desktop app:

  1. Click the menu button located in the top-right corner of the desktop app, which is next to a portrait image
  2. Select "Preferences"
    1. Preferences
  3. Click "Creative Cloud"
  4. Click the "Apps" tab
  5. Check the "Show Older Apps" checkbox
    1. Show Older Apps
  6. Click the back button near the top-left corner of the desktop app
  7. On the "Apps" tab, click the downward-facing arrow next to the application you want to install
  8. Click "Other Versions"
    1. Other Versions
  9. Select the older version of the application you want to install 

Please submit a TSC ticket and include a list of computer names where the software will be installed. 




A representative will work with you to provide access for these computers. Afterwards, a faculty or staff member with local administrator privileges should log in to the computers in question and perform the following procedure:

    1. Install version 2018 or earlier of the application(s) you need. Do not install version 2019. It will not activate with this procedure:
      1. Launch the Adobe Creative Cloud application and sign in with your enterprise ID
      2. Click on the dropdown menu next to the “Install” button
      3. Click on “Manage”
        Manage Button
      4. Click on “Other Versions”
Other Versions
      1. Click “Install” next to the desired application version
Install Button
    1. Sign out of the Adobe Creative Cloud application and close all other Adobe applications
  1. Run the Adobe Creative Cloud License Renewal tool:
    1. On Windows:
      1. From the Start menu, search and launch the Software Center application
      2. On the Applications tab, click and install the Adobe Creative Cloud License Renewal tool
      3. Wait for the installation to complete
    2. On Mac:
      1. Open Self Service
      2. Click "Run" for the Adobe Creative Cloud License Renewal tool
      3. Adobe Renewal Tool for Mac
      4. Wait for the tool to complete
  2. Launch the Adobe applications you installed during step (1)