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Adobe Creative Cloud Sign-In Requirement for Classroom and Lab Computers

Beginning summer 2019, in order to use Creative Cloud 2019 software, Adobe mandates users sign in. Faculty and staff, please log in with your “” e-mail address and Campus Connect credentials (please do not use your long e-mail address). Students, if you do not already have one, please create a free Adobe ID​ to sign in with. 

Note: Viewing PDF files within Acrobat Reader does not require signing in.

Prompts:

​​Desktop app:


Creative Cloud application:


Fr​equently Asked Questions​


Why is signing in now required to use Creative Cloud applications?

Adobe designated its previous activation technology for retirement. Adobe created a new technology, “Shared Device Licensing” (SDL), to replace it. This new technology requires signing in.​​​​

Is there a limit to the number of classroom and lab devices I can sign into?

​No.  However, if an account is used to sign into ​multiple devices simultaneously, you may be prompted to set up multi-factor authentication.

If I sign into a classroom or lab device, will other users of that device have access to my ID?

​No, each user that logs into a classroom or lab device will need to sign in with their own Adobe ID.

Will I need to sign in for every Creative Cloud application I launch?

No, just once. However, because data on classroom and lab computers is deleted nightly, you will need to sign in again if you visit the same device on a subsequent day.​​

How do visitors to DePaul use Creative Cloud applications?

Visitors will ne​ed to log in using an existing Adobe ID, or create a free one to sign in with.​



How do I sign in?

​Please create a free Adobe ID, or use an existing one, to sign in.  To create a free Adobe ID, visit Adobe’s website ( or click on “Get an Adobe ID” on the sign in window.​

How do personal Adobe ID’s interact with SDL?

After signing in, an Adobe ID completes the SDL activation process, allowing Creative Cloud applications to be used. Certain cloud-based application features and services associated with your Adobe ID, like fonts, are accessible within Creative Cloud applications.​​


Faculty & Staff

How do I sign in?

Enter your Campus Connect username followed by"". If prompted, select "Enterprise ID". When prompted, sign in with your Campus Connect credentials.

Do I need to create an Adobe ID in order to sign into a classroom or lab computer?

​No, please use your provided Enterprise ID as described above.