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Get Help

  • DePaul Public Safety (Available 24/7)
    LPC: 7730.325.7777
    Loop: 312.362.8400
  • Chicago Police
    For Emergencies - Call 911
  • AOD Contact
    Office of Health Promotion & Wellness
    Lincoln Park Student Center, Suite 302
    2250 N Sheffield Ave.
  • Alcohol & Drug Abuse Action Helpline
  • Dean of Students Contact
    Lincoln Park Student Center, Suite 307
    2250 N. Sheffield Ave.


  • Are you starting to question your relationship with alcohol and drugs? Are you concerned about a family member or friend's use? Come meet with a HPW professional staff member to learn what resources might be most helpful for you. Email hpw@depaul.edu, or call 773.325.7129.
  • Interested in counseling? Try University Counseling and Psychological Services or come to HPW to receive other referrals.


  • While our culture can often dismiss alcohol and drug use among college students as "normal" or expected, many students begin to struggle with an unhealthy relationship to alcohol and/or drugs that can endure beyond or interrupt their college experience. If you have concerns about your student and want to know more about the resources available to them, reach out to an HPW staff professional for more information at hpw@depaul.edu.
  • Warning Signs and Talking Tips


  • Faculty often have initial contact with students who may be struggling with issues related to, or impacted by, their alcohol and/or drug use. You play an important role in connecting those students to helpful resources and HPW is here to help!
  • When should I connect?
    • When a student shares that they are struggling with alcohol or drug related issues
    • When a student comes to class under the influence
    • You start to notice a change in the student's behavior (showing up late to class, not showing up to class at all, significant mood changes)
    • You have a question - any question - that HPW might be able to help with!
  • What can I expect when I call an HPW staff professional?
    • A friendly conversation on the presenting issues
    • Expert consultation on looking at the presenting issues from a holistic wellness perspective
    • Potential next steps to implement for both the faculty and the student
    • You can contact the Substance Misuse Prevention Specialist and all HPW staff professionals at hpw@depaul.edu or 773.325.7129.
    • Interested in HPW coming to present to one of your classes? Check out our educational programming page to learn more.