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Health Resources

​​​​​​​​These health resources are available to DePaul students:

  • Health Education

    Health Education

    The Offic​e of Health Promotion & Wellness offers a wide variety of educational programs for students, faculty and staff. Here you can find an overview of our programs and request a program be provided by a staff member, graduate assistant, or the Health Education Action Team (HEAT).

  • Food Pantry

    Food Pantry

    By meeting students’ needs around food and nutrition, the Mother Seton Food Pantry and Sandwich Kitchen helps them remain at DePaul or provides great support while at the institution.

  • Health Insurance

    Health Insurance

    While we do not provide a student health insurance plan, we encourage students to explore their options in the Healthcare Marketplace and work with local community organizations to provide suppor​t.

  • Health Services

    Health Services

    DePaul Student Health is the health care provider that partners with DePaul to serve our students health needs. They are conveniently located at the Lincoln Park Campus and are paid for through the student health fee, otherwise known as MedCare.

  • Sexual Health

    Sexual Health

    The Office of Health Promotion and Wellness offers a range of resources designed to promote sexual health as an aspect of one’s holistic well-being and framed in a healthy relationship.

  • Health Education Action Team

    Health Education Action Team

    The Health E​ducation Action Team (HEAT) is a team of peer health educators that provide peer-to-peer health and wellness education for students.
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