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Student Publications

There are many student publications throughout the university.

The DePaulia is DePaul's award-winning weekly student newspaper. The paper is run by student editors, many of which are journalism majors. Students do not have to be journalism majors in order to contribute to The DePaulia—it is open to all students. Journalism Instructor Marla Krause serves as the faculty advisor; her course Writing for The DePaulia is available each quarter in the College of Communication.

Threshold is DePaul's literary magazine. 

14 East is an award-winning, student-run online magazine that launched in May 2016. The magazine publishes longform stories every week with an emphasis on multimedia and data while exploring anything from politics to health to culture. Students with an interest in journalism, creative writing, photography, video, illustration, data analysis, web design, coding and business management are welcome to contribute.

Creating Knowledge is a journal that showcase the best student work produced across all programs of study in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. It is published annually and is produced in both hard copy and digital versions.​​

DeBlogs is a collection of blogs from current students about their experiences at DePaul.

There are various Law Journals in the College of Law.

The Department of Writing, Rhetoric and Discourse has two academic journals.