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Faculty & Staff

These web pages contain information on university resources, supports and co-curricular programs available to our students. This information is provided to help new and adjunct faculty become knowledgeable resources regarding co-curricular programs and services in order to encourage and support student progress and success.

  • DePaul Colleges & Schools

    DePaul Colleges & Schools

    DePaul University has 10 colleges and schools which offer over 300 undergraduate majors and graduate programs.

  • Campus Landmarks

    Campus Landmarks

    There are numerous locations across the Loop and Lincoln Park campuses that have become distinguishing features by which students, faculty and staff navigate the campus.

  • DePaul Traditions

    DePaul Traditions
    Photo by Jamie Moncrief

    College wouldn’t be college without its pastimes and traditions, and DePaul has many that its students, faculty and staff have come to cherish.

  • Common Faculty Questions

    Common Faculty Questions

    Chances are, the questions you have are the questions that many other faculty have. Check out this page and see!

  • Common Student Questions

    Common Student Questions

    As one of the handful of people that students will have regular contact with, you’ll likely field a variety of questions from them. Visit this page to see some of their most common inquiries.

  • Student Services

    Student Services

    Many departments across the university offer a variety of programs and services that enhance the student experience and support their persistence and success.

  • Academic & Support Services for Students

    Academic & Support Services for Students

    Learning is a key activity at a university, and to ensure a student’s academic success, DePaul offers a number of academic and support services.

  • Campus Security and Transportation

    Campus Security and Transportation

    Student learning and development are key at a university, but there are some nuts and bolts, like security and transportation, that make getting there and being there a lot easier.

  • Policies and Expectations

    Policies and Expectations

    By voluntarily joining the university community, students assume the responsibility for abiding by the standards that have been instituted by DePaul University.It is important that all members of the community are aware of expectations of life in the DePaul community.