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​​​An Information Services project leader and their staff work closely with the division and are responsible for:

  1. Project Management - Providing project management leadership for IT projects.
  2. Information Management & Reporting - Developing structures to improve the division’s information management practices over time.
  3. Partnerships, Collaborations & Relationships - Establishing internal/ external partnerships and collaborations that support the division’s plan for technology and information management. 
  4. Websites & Online Systems - Facilitating the design, development, implementation, administration and maintenance of student affairs websites and online systems.
  5. Electronic Communications & Assessment Systems - Assisting in the design, implementation and maintenance of electronic communication tools to deliver high quality and timely communications to constituents (i.e., students, staff, faculty, administrators, etc.).
  6. Divisional Technology Policies, Procedures & Guidelines - With the assistant vice president, develop and implement divisional policies, procedures and guidelines for use of technology and data, as well as deliver ongoing training to the division staff in the use of various information systems and software (PeopleSoft, Tableau, Qualtrics, etc.).