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Staff Achievement

Each year, the division of Student Affairs recognizes outstanding staff members for their work with students and contributions to important divisional and university programs. Student Affairs recently honored the following four staff members with divisional awards for their exceptional work during the 15-16 academic year.

2016 Divisional Award Recipients

  • Jade Perry with award

    Jade Perry, Coordinator, Office of Multicultural Student Success

    Excellence Award: Jade received the Excellence Award for creating a comprehensive social media and web presence and associated communication plans for the college transitions program in the office. Jade's work enabled the STARS, Study Jams and Parent and Family Outreach and Empowerment programs to add online components that enhance the office's in-person services, while providing access to resources for students who are unable to participate fully in on-campus offerings. Jade also created a formal co-sponsor process for cultural organizations and a Study Jams checklist, as well as implemented professional development nights.

  • Jessica Peterson with award

    Jessica Peterson, Marketing Communication Specialist, Student Affairs

    Collaboration Award: Jessica received the Collaboration Award for collaborating with many departments in the division and university on a number of new initiatives during 2015-16. She worked across all Student Affairs departments to develop posters for a Board of Trustees education session; expanded marketing for Vincentian Service Day by working with staff in the Vincentian Community Service Office, Marketing Communications and Facility Operations; and, with Athletics, helped to create a Power Point presentation and posters for the university's annual staff appreciation picnic.

  • KevinCollinsnewstaffprofessional

    Kevin Collins, Coordinator, Office of Multicultural Student Success

    Outstanding New Staff Professional:  Kevin received this award for taking on a first- year student curriculum and reaching out to campus partners to make it better. He was also honored for maintaining close and beneficial relationships with donors and partners in Advancement. Kevin not only performed exceptionally well on-the-job, but he took on  a number of roles outside of his immediate job responsibilities:  secretary of DPUBLIC; member of the planning committee for the Annual Graduation Celebration for Students of African Descent; member of the Student Affairs professional development symposium planning committee; facilitator at the fraternity and sorority life retreat , the Winter Leadership Conference and the Common Experience; and Chicago Quarter Staff Professional.

  • Tom Menchhofer with award

    Tom Menchhofer, Director, New Student and Family Engagement

    Lou O’Brien Outstanding Student Affairs Professional:  Tom received this award in recognition of another year of excellence for New Student and Family Engagement, even while down two staff members. He was also honored for being actively engaged as a leader in the division through his work on the Divisional Council, the professional development task force, the strategic plan Goal 1a team, and the university's new orientation video. Tom was also recognized for his overall push for excellence in the division through asking questions, pushing on issues and challenging processes, as well as for convening informal directors meetings on a regular basis.

2015-16 Divisional Achievement Recognition

The individuals that are recognized below for divisional achievements have conducted presentations outside the division, authored publications, received professional awards external to the division and attained significant academic achievements.


    Center for Students with Disabilities

    Dorothy Griggs

    Master of Arts in Adult Education

    DePaul University


    Multicultural Student Success

    Kim Everett

    Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Leadership

    and Policy Studies

    Iowa State University


    Planning, Operations and Assessment

    Judy Melgarejo

    Master of Education, Counseling: College Student


    DePaul University


    University Counseling Services

    Bari Guibord

    Examination for Professional Practice in


    Licensed Clinical Psychologist


     Adult, Veteran and Commuter Student Affairs

    James Stewart

    Chair, Adult Learners and Students with Children

    Knowledge Community

    Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education



    New Student and Family Engagement

    Tom Menchhofer

    Orientation Professionals Institute (OPI) Faculty

    Member, 2012-present

    Association for Orientation, Transition, and

    Retention in Higher Education (NODA)


    Planning, Operations and Assessment

    Tyneka Harris Coronado

    Co-representative, NASPA Region IV-East,

    Technology Knowledge Community (TKC)



    Scott Tharp


    National Advisory Committee, National Conference

    for Race & Ethnicity in American Higher

    Education (NCORE)


    Religious Diversity

    Katie Brick


    Chicagoland University Chaplains and Religious



    Student Affairs

    Peggy Burke


    NASPA 2016 Mid-Level Administrators Conference


    Ellen Meents-DeCaigny

    Liaison to the National Knowledge


    NASPA Professional Standards Division



    ACPA/NASPA Professional

    Competencies Rubric Task Force


    National Director of Knowledge

    Communities Elect



    Eugene Zdziarski


    NASPA Foundation Board



    Center for Identity, Inclusion and Social Change

    Sara Furr

    Identity-conscious Approaches to First-Year, Peer-to-Peer Retention Programs

    Closing the Opportunity Gap: Identity-Conscious Strategies for Student Retention and Success


    Center for Students with Disabilities

    Dorothy Griggs

    It took me my Whole Life to Find Myself

    Griggs Publishing


    Multicultural Student Success

    Andrea Arzuaga

    Family Engagement for First Generation Families and Families of Color

    Closing the Opportunity Gap: Identity-Conscious Strategies for Retention and Student Success


    Nydia Stewart

    Social Capital: Identity-Conscious Leadership

    Development for Students of Color (co-authored with Jeff Brown)

    Closing the Opportunity Gap: Identity Conscious Strategies for Retention and Student Success


    Planning, Operations and Assessment

    Ellen Meents-DeCaigny

    Framing Research and Assessment of Co-Curricular

    Learning: New Directions for Institutional Research.

    Measuring Co-CurricularLearning: The role of the IR office


    Scott Tharp

    Using Critical Discourse Analysis to understand Student Resistance to Diversity

    Multicultural Education


    University Counseling Services

    Anmol Satiani

    Sexual Violence in an Immigrant Context: South Asian Women in the United States

    Gendered Journeys: Women, Migration and Feminist Psychology​

Presentations (external)


    Adult, Veteran and Commuter Student Affairs

    James Stewart

    Redefining Success for Students with Children

    Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education (NASPA) annual conference


    Planning, Operations and Assessment

    Tyneka Harris Coronado

    Behind-the-Scenes: The Data Systems behind Retention & Persistence

    NASPA national conference and OrgSyncEducation (NASPA) annual conference


    Scott Tharp

    Intersectionality & Salience

    African American Academic Network at UICconference


    Exploring Inaccurate Reflections on Privilege and Oppression after a Diversity Workshop

    Association for the Study of Higher Education

    Conference and National Conference on Race

    and Ethnicity in American Higher Education



    A Proposed Framework to Intentionally Design Social Justice Education Curriculum

    Association for the Study of Higher Education Conference


    How to Design Online Education Modules to Enhance Student Diversity Workshops

    National Conference on Race & Ethnicity in American Higher Education (NCORE)


    Center for Identity, Inclusion & Social Change

    Marquece Jones-Holifield

    Being an Agent of Change

    National Black Student Union Conference


    Dean of Students

    Ashley Knight

    Leaving the Familiar: Transitioning to College

    Wolcott School


    Know Your IX

    Off the Sidelines Chicago - Young Feminist Conference


    Title IX

    Porchlight Counseling - Campus Sexual Assault Conference


    College Student Mental Health and Behavioral Intervention

    Loyola University Chicago, The American College Student class


    New Student and Family Engagement

    Toni Fitzpatrick

    Mindset Matters: Growth Mindset & Student Success

    University Center for Writing-based Learning and a Committee of Campus Partners


    Ziena Miller

    Coaching from Alongside: Parenting through the College Transition

    Joliet Catholic Academy


    Katie Granholm

    Women in Leadership (Featured Panel)



    Religious Diversity

    Katie Brick

    Campus Compact: Intersecting Interfaith & Civic Engagement

    4th Annual President’s and Community Service

    Campus Challenge


    CUCRA Vision and Mission

    College and University Chaplains and Religious Advisors (CUCRA) annual meeting


    An Introduction to Interfaith Learning Outcomes (co-presented with Ellen Meents-DeCaigny)

    Interfaith Youth Core


    Diane Dardón

    Campus Ministry

    Catholic Theological Union

    Intergenerational Faith Practices in Nursing Care

    National Association of Catholic Nurses-USA


    Tom Judge

    Reflection in a Professional Setting

    Illinois Bar Association – JusticeCorp


    Abdul-Malik Ryan

    Islam and Advice for Connor McGregor

    Deen Show, Internet Islamic Educational Broadcast


    Prophetic Ethics

    Loyola University Muslim Students Association


    A Radical Message: The Prophet (saw) and Social Change

    University of Chicago Muslim Students Association


    Role of a Muslim Chaplain on a College Campus

    University of Illinois at Chicago Muslim Student Association


    Between Obedience and Authenticity

    Valparaiso University Muslim Students Association


    Muslim Perspective on Love and Sex

    Northwestern University SHAPE (Sexual Health and Assault Peer Educators)


    How Malcolm X led an Irish kid to Islam

    Mad Mamluks Podcast


    Importance and Beauty of Du’a (Supplication)

    Northwestern University Muslim Cultural Students Association


    Story Corps: An Interfaith Relationship

    Georgetown University American Pilgrimages Project


    Student Affairs

    Peggy Burke

    Effectively Managing Change & Transition: Critical Skills at the Mid-Level



    Student Involvement

    Lindsay Ritenbaugh

    Webinar: Lessons from the Experts: Best Practices in Program Design

    Learn Forward, OrgSync


    University Counseling Services

    Jeff Lanfear

    Mental Health Issues & Psychological Disabilities in Higher Education (co-presented with Jodi Falk, Ph.D.)

    Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) 25 conference DePaul University


    College Student Mental Health and Behavioral Intervention (co-presented with Ashley Knight,Ed.D.)

    Loyola University Chicago​