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Student Organizations

Being involved with your campus community will enhance your DePaul experience, and with more than 350 student organizations and many other ways to get involved, it's just a matter of choosing HOW to enhance your experience! 

You can join one of our student organizations, apply for student employment or a leadership position in a university department or both! Explore the Student Organization Handbook. Don't see an organization that meets your needs or interests? Email studentorgs@depaul.edu to set up a meeting with a Student Involvement Ambassador!

You can check out all the ways to get involved on DeHUB, our campus-wide student engagement tool that provides students, faculty, and staff with a direct connection to student organization and departmental portals, upcoming events and more! We also encourage you to attend our yearly Involvement Fairs

Please be aware that DePaul University has no affiliation with student groups that are not registered student organizations. Students are encouraged to contact the  Student Involvement Ambassadors if they have any concerns or would like clarification about a group's registration status for the academic year.

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Why Should I Get Involved?

With classes, schoolwork, work, friends, family, and personal time it can be really hard to find the time to get involved on-campus. What if we told you that getting involved improves all of those areas we listed above. Involvement has been shown to helps you.
  • Find your own place at DePaul
  • Put your values in action
  • Make new friends
  • Get better grades
  • Build your resume
  • Apply classroom knowledge to real life
  • Challenge yourself​
  • Expose yourself to multiculturalism
  • Meet faculty and staff (recommendation letters, advising, mentoring, support)
  • And don’t forget – have fun!

So whether you are involved in one service organization, the DePaul Activities Board, Student Government, among others you can put our own personal spin on our DePaul experience.​

How Do I Join a Student Organization?

  • Figure out what you are looking for in an organization. Do you want to serve the community? Get better connected with your academic major? Learn more about social justice issues? Meet classmates with similar values and interests?
  • Visit DeHUB to browse all current DePaul student organizations. Did you know we have over 300+ organizations to choose from.
  • Once you find the organizations you want to join, take a further look at their DeHUB page. They’ll list general body meetings, events and contact information. To get started with that organization, you can attend one of their events, contact their members, or attend an open general body meeting.
  • You can also visit these organizations at one of the Involvement Fairs

I Commute. Can I Still Get Involved? How?

A high percentage of DePaul students are commuter students. If you aren’t sure how to juggle an organization with your other priorities (school work, commute time, etc), then just ask. Many of our student organizations have meetings and events at times and locations that are convenient for all their members. Talk to a member of their executive board and see how you can make a great impact even when you’re not on-campus all the time.​

How Do I Find Out about Events on Campus?

  • Check the DeHUB calendar
  • Check out posters in the Student Center and DePaul Center
  • Check out our calendar
  • Ask your classmates and friends

How Can I Meet New People?

  • Your classes – do group projects with classmates you don’t know very well or strike up a conversation when you’re waiting for class to start.
  • Join a student organization – we have 300+ organizations on campus that you can find on DeHUB
  • Campus and student organization events – There are events weekly
  • Get to know your Residence Hall – Each hall has programs every quarter or invite someone you don’t know to watch a movie!

How Can I Get Help Marketing My Organization?

The Office of Student Involvement provides marketing support for current registered organizations. View the Marketing Handbook for more info.

I have Never Planned an Event On-Campus. What Should I Know?

It’s important to get organized! You’ll want to figure out date, time, location, marketing, and funding. If your organization needs Marketing Support, contact the OSI Marketing Team through DeHUB. Simply click on forms and select either Marketing Design or Website Development. Below there is a list of what we can help you with:
  • Create, update or redesign your organization’s website
  • Create logos, promotional flyers, and other graphics
  • Provide useful tips and tricks for promoting your organization through social media

Can my organization invite a speaker to campus?

Yes, but there is a university process for getting a speaker approved to appear on campus.

First note that if the speaker will only be speaking to members of your student organization, or will be speaking at an off-campus location, the speaker does not have to be reviewed and approved by the university.

If other members of the DePaul and/or Chicago community will be invited to the event, and the event is being held on campus, the university must review and approve the requested speaker. A Speaker Review Committee consisting of two faculty, two staff and two student members conducts the review, keeping in mind a number of considerations, and then makes a recommendation to the director of Student Involvement. Student organizations can log into DeHUB for more information for the Speaker Review Procedure.

DePaul is committed to fostering an educational community that welcomes free and open discourse. We believe that speakers provide an opportunity for students to hear and discuss opposing viewpoints on a wide range of topics. As such, DePaul encourages student organizations to plan, promote and engage in thoughtful, respectful and challenging dialogue, including through guest speakers. ​

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