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Organization Registration

For full information on how to register your organization, please view our DeHUB Officer Toolkit or view the instructions below. 

You can also set up a meeting with a Student Involvement Ambassador by emailing studentorgs@depaul.edu. During this one-on-one meeting, you’ll learn everything you need to know about registering your new student organization.​

Use your Campus Connect login information to login to DeHUB.

DeHub homepage

After logging in, click the “Groups” dropdown menu located on the navigation bar to start the process of creating a group.

DeHub login

You can also access the “Groups” feature by selecting “Groups & Organizations” on the home page.

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From here, click “All Groups” to advance to the next webpage to create a student group.

Create group

Select the group registration that best fits your student organization.

group registration

After selecting your group registration type, please proceed in completing the Group Registration Details as seen below. After completing the registration, an email will be sent to your listed advisor and the Office of Student Involvement to initiate the approval process.

group registration details

If you are listed as the President or Treasurer, you will need to complete student organization training. This is a mandatory requirement to be an approved student organization. After the student organization registration is completed, the listed officers will receive an email. Please click “Answer Form” to be redirected to complete the training.

After logging in at DeHUB, your groups will appear as clickable tiles on the homepage. To access a list of your groups from anywhere in DeHUB, use the "Groups" dropdown menu as seen below.

log in

If you are an officer of a group, you will find the group’s dashboard when you enter your group's page. From here, you can access your various officer tools.

You can manage your officer roster on the Dashboard by selecting Officers. You can also access Officers by using the Dashboard dropdown menu on the left side of the page. Once you've clicked on Officers, go to Permissions to customize each officer's individual role and their ability to manage certain items on your DeHUB page. 






Alternatively, you can update officer statuses by selecting Members on the Dashboard (or by using the dropdown menu) and then selecting All Members. From there, you can select officer status by using the checkboxes next to each member of your roster. You can also adjust membership information by clicking Settings.




The Members option holds all of your member management tools. Unless you change your group settings to closed membership (Dashboard->Settings->Close membership->Yes), anyone can sign up to join your group.
However, you will need to validate any new members by checking their Validate checkbox (Members->All Members); otherwise, they will not have access to your group.

For your Events option, you will be able to select Create Event in order to setup events. When creating the event, you will also have options to create multiple tickets, timeslots, and a waiting list. 

 By clicking on any individual event, you will be able to view your list of registrants and attendees.

Select the Emails option to communicate with your group members. You can set up mailing lists and email templates for your convenience, as well as track the delivery of your messages.



Create surveys and forms by selecting the Surveys & Forms option. While surveys and forms have the same functionalities, forms are more compact in appearance than surveys. Also under this option, you can set up elections for your group's officers or polls for quickly gathering information from your members.


Administer, edit, and customize your group's website by selecting the Website option. You can also create blogs and discussion boards.


By selecting the Files option, you will be able to store files and photos. You can change the access rights to folders so that some folders are only available to officers, while any member can access other folders.
Under Dashboard->Settings, you will be able to manage many of your group's administrative settings. If anything you wish to change is locked, such as changing your group name or category, you can contact studentorgs@depaul.edu