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Common Student Questions

As with new faculty, new (and even some seasoned) students will have questions about programs, services and other supports. Explore the following topic areas to learn about the answers to some common student questions.

  • Academics and Studying

    Academics and Studying

    The activity that consumes most of a college student’s time is a key area where you may get questions. This section covers questions from where can I study to how do I change my schedule..

  • Student Life

    Student Life

    The college experience is about more than just classes, exams, homework and studying. The life a student lives outside the classroom can contribute to learning and growth almost as much as some of those more traditional activities.

  • Student Organizations

    Student Organizations

    Being involved with the campus community will enhance the DePaul student experience, and with more than 350 student organizations and many other ways to get involved, it's just a matter of students choosing HOW to enhance the experience!