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Academics and Studying

Where can I get general information on academics and studying?

Students can learn more about academic support by navigating to the Student Affairs webpage, then SUPPORT SERVICES or they can visit the Student Success page.

Where can I study on campus if I don’t want to study in my room?

Each of the DePaul libraries has areas designated for studying, research and homework. Students also study in the Student Center, as well as the lobbies outside many college offices and academic buildings. Additionally, DePaul residence halls have spaces for studying. And in the spring and fall, students can be found studying outdoors on the Quad or other open areas on campus.

Will my parents get my grades?

Due to privacy laws (see DePaul Central’s RECORDS page), DePaul will only list grades on Campus Connect for students to access. Grades are posted on Campus Connect at the end of each term. It is ultimately up to students to share grades with a parent or guardian.

How do I change my schedule?

Students should speak with their academic advisor before changing their schedule to ensure that the courses they are interested in fit within the major they have chosen.

Students use the Drop/Add or Swap Class functions in Campus Connect to change their schedule. There are various deadlines for dropping courses and many are in the first or second week of classes; students should be aware of these deadlines before attempting to drop a course.

How do I change my major?

Students can formally change or declare a major or minor in Campus Connect by using the Change College, Major, Minor option. After logging into Campus Connect, students should click on For Students > Records and Registration > Change College, Major, Minor to declare or change a major or minor. To declare or change a concentration within a major or minor, students would use the same procedure described above.