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Student Services

Services Provided by Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs consists of 14 departments that offer a variety of programs and services in four areas: student advocacy and community relations; student development; empowerment, diversity and inclusion; and ministry. Our offerings reach all students, but many programs target specific populations such as adult students, veterans, students with disabilities, and first-generation college students. The division’s mission is to foster student learning and success through quality programs and services that inspire transformative learning, promote socially responsible leadership and build community.

To browse our student services, navigate through the topics at the top of the Student Affairs webpage. You can also find information about our 14 departments by on our departments page.

Services Provided by Other University Departments

Departments outside of the Division of Student Affairs also offer programs and services to DePaul students. These departments manage facilities; provide academic services, such as Financial Aid and Student Records; offer career, fitness and financial programs; foster an alumni spirit; and provide legal guidance.

Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK)

DePaul Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) is a network of committed alumni and friends who serve as career mentors. They work with students one-on-one, in practice interviews and at job fairs, and speak at networking events and open houses throughout the university. There are over 1,000 mentors in ASK at any given time who represent a variety of professional expertise.

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Career Center

The Career Center's programs and services are designed to help students:

  • Match career interests with DePaul majors, minors, activities and organizations.
  • Explore career options.
  • Build experience through internships and co-ops.
  • Find employment.

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Croak Student Legal Services

Croak Student Legal Services provides high quality free or low-cost legal advice to DePaul students on a wide range of common problems, including contract disputes and misdemeanor criminal offenses. While Croak Student Legal Services cannot represent students in court, the office can help students understand their rights and obligations, provide general recommendations and help find useful resources.

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Department of Housing

The Department of Housing administers the processes for living on campus and partners with others in promoting this experience. The office strives to provide exceptional services within DePaul's high-quality, residential facilities while also encouraging residents' personal growth and community responsibility.

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DePaul Central (also Financial Aid, Student Accounts & Student Records)

DePaul Central is the one-stop student service area to help students manage financial aid, course registration and tuition payment processes at DePaul.

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Financial Fitness Program

DePaul's Financial Fitness Program provides free services, resources and tools to help students manage costs from freshman year through graduation and beyond.

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International Student and Scholar Services

International Student and Scholar Services, (ISS) a part of Global Engagement at DePaul, provides immigration advising to over 1,000 non-immigrant students and scholars in F-1 and J-1 visa statuses. ISS also issues U.S. Department of State Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor (J-1 visa) status (Form DS-2019). Departmental chairs or college deans who wish to invite non-tenure track international exchange visitors to DePaul, for purposes of teaching, academic collaboration and/or research may request issuance of Form DS-2019 from ISS.

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The Ray Meyer Fitness and Recreation Center

The Ray Meyer Fitness and Recreation Center provides 120,000 square feet of fitness and recreation participation opportunities. Included are a variety of facility spaces, equipment, services and programs (including group fitness, intramural sports, club sports, fitness services, outdoor adventure trips, team challenge activities, instructional classes and special events) to meet the needs of the DePaul community.

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Student Centers

The Student Centers at DePaul are the centers of community activity. The Student Centers are DePaul's gathering places, providing amenities and services to promote out-of-classroom interaction between students, faculty and staff. The Student Centers department also coordinates campus dining services and manages and supports student meal plans.

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Study Abroad

Offering programs to over 35 countries ranging in duration, cost, program type, cross-cultural engagement and academic discipline, DePaul Study Abroad facilitates student development in leadership, career and global citizenship through experiential learning abroad. Study Abroad provides consultation and support for faculty who are interested in developing a program, and works in partnership with faculty and colleges to administer faculty-led programs throughout the year.

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Women's Center

The DePaul University Women's Center provides education, programming, advocacy, services and referrals to women and other members of the DePaul community. The Women's Center was established to provide a physically and psychologically supportive environment for women—students, faculty and staff.

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