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Review our translated pages in Portuguese, Arabic, Spanish, Vietnamese, & Thai. ​

Translated pages

DePaul Student

Global Ambassador ​


Talk with an international 
student about life at DePaul!​​​​

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DePaul Students

Global Gateway ​Program​

An English and academic preparation program

that leads to a degree at DePaul.​

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Intensive English

Learn English at DePaul

The English Language Academy (ELA) offers courses in English language and academic skills used in the classroom.

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ELA E-Brochures

View our visual guide about being a student in the English Language Academy.

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Undergraduate Student Admission

Learn more about the admission process for undergraduate students.

Freshmen Transfer Visiting

Undergraduate E-Brochures and Translated Pages

View our interactive e-brochure and translated pages to learn more about DePaul and life in Chicago.

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Graduate Student Admission

Your steps for applying to DePaul are different from undergraduate students.

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Graduate Programs

Explore more than 175 graduate-level programs offered by DePaul. Take the next step and view our e-brochure to learn more.

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