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The Dean of Students Office (DOS) is primarily responsible for meeting the urgent needs of students by providing clear and critical support structures in times of need. Additionally, the department helps develop and maintain community standards in order to facilitate a safe and healthy campus environment for our students.  The Dean of Students Office provides the administrative withdrawal and absence notification processes, and can help students identify campus and community resources in times of personal and/or family crises and medical emergencies.

When staff in the Dean of Students Office interact with students, they encourage the student to engage in self-reflection and think critically about their situation in order to foster personal growth. Each student and case is unique, and DOS staff members work to meet each of them where they are in order to support and encourage their academic progress and success.


The Dean of Students Office at DePaul University promotes student learning and ethical decision making in an inclusive and student-centered environment. Utilizing a comprehensive approach to student advocacy that is informed by DePaul’s Catholic, Vincentian, and urban mission, the office collaborates with students, staff, faculty, parents and community partners to support students in reaching their academic and personal success.

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Lincoln Park Campus
Student Center, Suite 307
2250 N. Sheffield Ave.
773-325-7396 (fax)

Email: deanofstudents@depaul.edu


Student Staff

Taylor Wallace
Student Support Assistant
Email: twalla12@depaul.edu