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Academic Continuity and Engagement (ACE)


Academic Continuity and Engagement (ACE) is here to help you succeed in your goals at DePaul! Our team of peer and professional staff works with students to achieve success. Whether that is addressing barriers or making a plan to make the most of your time at DePaul, our team can assist in goal setting, action plans, time management, learning styles, study skills, note-taking, and more.

Academic Continuity and Engagement (ACE) works to support undergraduate students, with special efforts prioritizing students of color, transfer students, and sophomores, in their academic goals, success, and retention. This is accomplished through strategic communications, data-informed interventions, peer support programs, events, and services. The office collaborates with key university and external partners to provide resources and programs.

Academic Continuity and Engagement (ACE) accomplishes its goals by:

  • Offer a safe space that is welcoming to all students and fights to promote justice, inclusion, equity, and diversity
  • Support and promote students’ academic, professional, and personal growth
  • Coach and mentor students in academic success strategies, time management, personal development, personal strengths, and discernment
  • Support students in strategies to overcome obstacles in goals
  • Introduce students to campus resources that support academic excellence
  • Assist with the development of students’ professional communication skills
  • Facilitate opportunities for students to work with campus partners and faculty
  • Nurture students resiliency allowing them to confront adversity and demonstrate perseverance in pursuit of their goals
  • Motivate students to take ownership of their education and learn to advocate for themselves along their journey to self-discovery
  • Provide timely information on strategies students can take ownership of to be successful
  • Provide students with opportunities, such as awards & fellowships, internships, and other academic experiences to support the development and pursuit of their goals during and beyond their undergraduate career

From welcoming new transfer students to congratulating new graduates, Academic Continuity and Engagement celebrates our students and provides opportunities for meaningful connections for our entire population and various specific class-year programming. Events and programs are offered regularly to enhance networking opportunities and build a strong student community at DePaul.

Check out the ACE DeHub Page for upcoming events.

Academic support is critical to the mission of Academic Continuity and Engagement. From communication of overall tips and strategies through campaigns, posters, and events to individual outreach and coaching to specific students, ACE offers a number of methods to support all students on their academic goals.

Look for Skills Labs and Workshops on the ACE DeHub page or contact staff using the information below.

Academic Continuity and Engagement works with students to both advocate on their behalf for needs students experience and to also empower students to conduct self-advocacy.

Contact us at ace@depaul.edu to get connected with a success coach, a transfer peer mentor, or if you need any additional assistance.

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Academic Continuity and Engagement (ACE)

Loop, DePaul Center
1 E. Jackson Blvd.
11th Floor, Room 11017
p: 312.362.6216


Latoya Clark, MEd
Latoya Clark, MEd
  • Student Retention Specialist - Sophomores and Juniors
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Annie Devine, MA
Annie Devine, MA
  • Student Retention Specialist - Transfers and Seniors
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Destinee Guice, MS
Destinee Guice, MS
  • Student Retention Specialist - Sophomore Success Coach
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Flor Reza, MA
Flor Reza, MA
  • Student Retention Specialist - Sophomore Success Coach Program
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