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Administrative Withdrawal Process

Administrative Withdrawal Appeals are submitted to and processed by the Dean of Students Office, and allow students to be retroactively withdrawn from classes for medical, mental health or personal crises even after the term has ended.  

The administrative withdrawal process is only for classes in which F, Fx, INC, or unposted (during quarter in which the request is made) grades have been submitted. Once these withdrawals are reviewed, an administrative withdrawal will show as "WA" on the transcript.

In some cases, the Dean of Students Office can request an administrative withdrawal credit for the student.  This credit remains on the student record, must be used within one year of withdrawal date, and cannot be refunded to the student even if there is a complete withdrawal from the university.

The appeal for an administrative withdrawal has two parts. A student's appeal cannot be accepted unless both pieces of information have been submitted to the Dean of Students office.

  1. Complete an Administrative Withdrawal Form - Please download the form then fill out, print and sign the form.
  2. Provide documentation - Students must provide documentation for the reason for the withdrawal. Documentation can be in the form of a doctor's note, medical records, death certificate, etc. Contact the Dean of Students office for any questions about proper documentation. All information is kept confidential.
Term Final Date to Appeal for Late Withdrawal
Summer Session 2017 Tuesday, November 21, 2017
Fall Quarter 2017 Friday, March 16, 2018
Winter Quarter 2018 Friday, June 8, 2018
Spring Quarter 2018 Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Please note administrative withdrawal appeals are only allowed one time for the entirety of one's academic career at DePaul University.

For College of Law Students, the deadline for filing
an appeal for an administrative withdrawal is the final day of the exam period for the term in question.

First-year law students filing an administrative withdrawal appeal in the Fall or Spring Semester must request withdrawal from all classes.

If you have further questions about the Administrative Withdrawal Process, 
please refer to these FAQs.