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Withdrawal Policy

​A. Withdrawal from a class

Students who must withdraw either from a course or from the university may do so by using Campus Connect. Students who are physically unable to use Campus Connect should contact their home school/college office, whether in person or by phone. Withdrawals processed via Campus Connect or through direct contact with the home school/college office are effective the day on which they are made. Simply ceasing to attend, or notifying the instructor, or nonpayment of tuition, does not constitute an official withdrawal from class and will result in academic as well as financial penalty.

B. Withdrawal from all classes

  1. Withdrawal from the university:
    Students wishing to withdraw from the university during a term must fill out the online form in Campus Connect.  The form is located under the Advising, Progress & Graduation Tile.   Students who are physically unable to submit the form or contact the university may designate someone to act on their behalf. The student's official withdrawal date will be the date on the form.
  2. Students who are eligible to enroll but don't register:
    A student's status at the university will be changed to "discontinued" if:
    1. There is no activity for three consecutive quarters (two semesters for Law), excluding summers. In these cases students must seek readmission if they wish to start attending courses again.
    2. No progress has been made toward their degree for three consecutive terms, excluding summers. (Candidates for theses and students on year-long study abroad programs are excluded from this rule.) In these cases, students must meet with a college academic advisor to get permission to register and or readmission.

C. Leave of Absence

Any student wishing to take a leave of absence must complete a Leave of Absence Application. Students may complete the online form in Campus Connect.

  • Military: Students called for military service should fill out an online Military Leave Form. Upon their return, they will meet with an academic advisor to discuss resuming their studies.
  • Non-military leaves of absence are for at most one year and non-renewable during the student's career.
  • Military leaves are variable depending on their orders.

D. Graduation Separation

Students must have completed all requirements by the last day of term for which they apply for degree conferral. In the normal course, students will receive their diplomas 8-10 weeks after the date of degree conferral.

The university's responsibility is to confer the degree and identify the student as "graduated" within 30 days of the end of the term in which they complete all the requirements for their degree.

E. Late Withdrawals and Additions

  1. Decision-making for late withdrawals resides primarily in the Withdrawal Appeals Committee, chaired by the Dean of Students, for personal/medical issues; and in the School/College Offices for all other issues. These principles underlie the decision-making processes:
    All policies are driven by academic concerns.
    1. Decisions are guided by the best interests of the students.
    2. Decisions will be made in compliance with federal regulations.
  2. Restrictions on requesting approval for late withdrawal:

    Requests for late withdrawals from one or more courses in a given quarter must be submitted to either the student's home School/College Office or the Withdrawal Appeals Committee by the following deadlines.

    For Undergraduate/Graduate:

    • Fall Quarter: Last day of the last final exam of the subsequent winter quarter.
    • Winter Quarter: Last day of the last final exam of the subsequent spring quarter.
    • Spring Quarter: The end of the second week of the subsequent autumn quarter.
    • Summer Terms: Last day of the last final exam of the subsequent autumn quarter.

    For the College of Law:

    • Fall Semester: Last day of the last final exam of the subsequent spring semester.
    • Spring Semester: The end of the second week of the subsequent autumn semester.
    • Summer Semester: Last day of the last final exam of the subsequent autumn semester.
​​​During their college career, students may be allowed one medical/personal approved administrative withdrawal and one college office administrative withdrawal, each for one or more courses in a single term.