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Success Coaching

Success Coaching.

Success Coaching is a coaching program that supports second-year or sophomore students in their continued success at DePaul.

The second year is a year of figuring out yourself, the world, and your future. Your coach is here to assist in every step.

Success Coaches meet with assigned students one-on-one via Zoom or in-person. If you are a sophomore or second year student, you will get outreach. You can always contact us at successcoach@depaul.edu.

Coaching is a team effort with different experts able to provide support when you need it.

Your success coach can help you:

  • Reflect on your strengths and target areas for growth
  • Establish short-term academic and personal goals
  • Identify campus resources most appropriate to help you on your way
  • Improve time management skills
  • Join or establish student organizations
  • Navigate your virtual college experience

The coaching team also has experts to assist in Strengths assessment, time management and productivity, and your academic skills and learning styles.

To get connected with a Student Success Coach, email successcoach@depaul.edu or call 312-362-6216.

Meet the Coaches

Margaret Mullen Margaret Mullen
Patrick Brady Patrick Brady
Raymond Tyszko Raymond Tyszko

Helpful Campus Resources

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How to Find an On-Campus Job

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How to Schedule an Appointment with Your Advisor

How to Schedule an Appointment with Your Advisor

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How to Register for Classes

How to Register for Classes

​Registering for classes can come with a lot of anxiety and confusion. Watch this video for an easy step by step on how to put classes in your course cart and enroll when your enrollment time comes around.​

Become a Success Coach!

Click to hear stories from Success Coaches.
Click to hear stories from Success Coaches.
Interested in becoming a coach? All positions are posted on the Campus Job board.