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Student Success Coaching

Student Success Coaching.
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Student Success Coaching is a peer coaching program that assigns an upperclassman or graduate level coach to each first-year student to support them in their transition to and journey through DePaul.

Student Success Coaches meet with their assigned students one-on-one via Zoom, and together they reflect on the first year student’s strengths, challenges and vision for the future, while creating an action plan to meet their idea of success.

Your success coach can help you:

  • Reflect on your strengths and target areas for growth
  • Establish short-term academic and personal goals
  • Identify campus resources most appropriate to help you on your way
  • Improve time management skills
  • Join or establish student organizations
  • Navigate your virtual college experience

To get connected with a Student Success Coach, email successcoach@depaul.edu or call 773-325-7360.

Meet the Coaches

Student Success Coaches
Alex Coello Alex Coello
Amy Christenson Amy Christenson
Andrea Pinel Andrea Pinel
Ariana Mansour Ariana Mansour
Brandon Vargas Brandon Vargas
Claire McNulty Claire McNulty
Erin Hogan Erin Hogan
Ewelina Filar Ewelina Filar
Felix Law Felix Law
Gabriela Alicea Gabriela Alicea
Gisselle Cervantes Gisselle Cervantes
Grace Jacques Grace Jacques
Helaina Coggs Helaina Coggs
Kaylan Agarwal Kaylan Agarwal
Laura Tracz Laura Tracz
Lauren Malito Lauren Malito
Lizbeth Servin Lizbeth Servin
Maggie Mullen Maggie Mullen
Maya Tersigni Maya Tersigni
Michelle Crosby Michelle Crosby
Patrick Brady Patrick Brady
Sarah Nour Sarah Nour
Yessica Pineda Yessica Pineda

Helpful Campus Resources

Check out these videos to learn more about using DePaul resources

How to Find an On-Campus Job

How to Find an On-Campus Job

Wanting to find a way to earn some extra cash and st​ay connected to the DePaul community while in this virtual environment? Watch this video to learn how to apply for an On-Campus job! Many DePaul offices have converted their student employment positions to remote work!


How to Schedule an Appointment with Your Advisor

How to Schedule an Appointment with Your Advisor

​At DePaul, we encourage all students to meet with their advisor at least once a quarter to discuss classes and progression towards your major. Unsure of how exactly to get ahold of your advisor? Watch this video to learn about the different ways to reach out to and schedule an appointment with your advisor!​


How to Register for Classes

How to Register for Classes

​Registering for classes can come with a lot of anxiety and confusion. Watch this video for an easy step by step on how to put classes in your course cart and enroll when your enrollment time comes around.​

Become a Success Coach!

Click to hear stories from Success Coaches.
Click to hear stories from Success Coaches.
Interested in being a Success Coach? Hiring for the Success Coach position takes place early fall quarter, so make sure to check the Campus Job Board towards the end of August to find the application.
  • Wednesday, September 16th 1:30-2:30pm CST
  • Friday, September 18th 11:00am-12:00pm CST
  • Tuesday, September 22nd 5:30-6:30pm CST
  • Thursday, September 24th 10:30-11:30am CST
  • Monday, September 28th 1:30-2:30pm CST
  • Wednesday, September 30th 11:00am-12:00pm CST
  • Wednesday, September 30th 5:30-6:30pm CST

Registration for Information Sessions can be found at https://dehub.campusgroups.com/nsfe/events/.

Your application will need to include:

  1. Current resume and a cover letter explaining your passion for the work this role requires as well as skills and experience that qualifies you for the position.
  2. The name and email address of a faculty or staff member that can recommend you for the position and speak to your abilities in supporting fellow college students.

If offered, an in person interview will take place during fall quarter.

Offers for the Student Success Coach position will be made by mid-way through fall quarter.

If you are offered and accept the Student Success Coach position, you will be required to attend the training dates that will be listed on the application.