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Dean's Certifications

A Dean's Certification (or disciplinary clearance) is a verified account of your student conduct (or disciplinary) record. Dean's Certifications are coordinated by the Dean of Students Office and may include a brief overview of your student conduct record should you have been subject to any disciplinary actions or proceedings under the Code of Student Responsibility. This overview will only include cases in which you were found responsible for any violations. This clearance is usually requested by law schools, medical schools, transfer admission requests, travel abroad programs, state bar associations, government agencies, or independent agencies when applying for admissions or employment. Please refer to Student Conduct Records information regarding record retention. 

Typically, higher education institutions, government agencies, etc. will provide a Dean's Certification (or disciplinary clearance) document/form either in the admissions process or background verification process. This document will be signed by you giving us permission to release this information to the reporting agency. If this document is provided, please make sure that all personal information is completed and that you have signed and dated the document. Incomplete information will delay the processing of this request. We will only respond to the questions asked on the form.

If you need a generic letter describing your disciplinary history for any other purposes, please contact the Dean of Students Office with a completed FERPA Release Form  and provide information as to which reporting agency the letter should be addressed. 

Please note that any requests or verification involving academic discipline should be directed to Academic Affairs​ as the Dean of Students Office does not provide information on academic integrity violations. 

View more information on the Common Application for outbound transfer students. The Common App Outbound Transfer Form must be completed with all pertinent information and given to the Dean of Students Office for initial review. The Dean of Students office will then send on to Student Records for processing and enrollment verification. 

If you have questions about the above, please contact the Dean of Students Office at 773-325-7290 (Lincoln Park Office) or email at deanofstudents@depaul.edu