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Residential Education

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Residential Education is responsible for building a sense of community and DePaul spirit, providing students with high-quality opportunities for engagement, responding to student crises, and managing the residential student conduct process. Residence directors (full-time, professional staff) and resident advisors (undergraduate students) live on campus and are available to assist students with their transition to college and to advocate on behalf of students.

If you're looking for information regarding housing applications, billing, room assignments, cancellations, work orders, etc. please contact the Department of Housing Services.

  • Our Vision
  • Our Learning Outcomes
  • ​ Our Departmental Values
  • ​ResEd by the Numbers
  • Our Mission

Our Vision

Residential Education creates inclusive communities that promote dignity, inspire learning, and foster self-discovery.​​​​

Our Learning Outcomes

Students who participate in Residential Education programs will:
  • Be able to practice reflective decision making.
  • Be able to recognize the value of the communities of which they are a part.
  • Seek opportunities to explore and engage with diverse perspectives.
  • Be able to demonstrate personal responsibility and respect for others.​

​ Our Departmental Values

Residential Education Values

  •  Dignity & Social Justice: We value civil discourse, diverse perspectives, and the exploration and appreciation of all identities.

  •  Development: We value personal and professional growth through learning outside of the classroom.

  •  Community: We value relationship-building that promotes respect, accountability, and inclusivity within our residential communities through social, informational, and educational opportunities.

  •  Holistic Wellness: We value multi-dimensional wellness, promoting continuous growth of self, and caring for others in the community.

​ResEd by the Numbers

Our Staff

  • 57 Resident Advisors (RAs). RAs are undergraduate students who live in our halls to facilitate community.
    • 190 students applied to become an RA for the 2014-2015 academic year.
    • 25 RAs returned to the position for a second or third year​.​
  • 6 Residence Directors (RDs). RDs are full-time, professional staff who also live in the hall.

​Our Department

  • 10 professional staff members, including RDs
  • 1 graduate assistant (assistant RD)
  • 836 educational events/programs offered to students in the 2013-2014 academic year​​

Our Mission

Residential Education is dedicated to promoting the safety, wellbeing and holistic success of our residential students. We are committed to building inclusive, co-curricular learning communities that inspire self-authorship, encourage social responsibility, and teach residents to take seriously the perspective of others, in accordance with our university's urban, Vincentian heritage.

Programs & Services


The Department of Residential Education is located in Centennial Hall. The building is located on the southeast corner at the intersection of Fullerton and Sheffield Avenues. Residence director offices are located in the areas they oversee; please see each staff member's bio below for specific office locations. Our main office contact information is:

2345 North Sheffield Avenue
Suite #302
Chicago, Illinois 60614

Our normal hours of operation: 9:00am - 5:00pm (CST), Mondays through Fridays. Residential Education staff is available 24/7 to respond to student needs or crisis situations. Please contact your residence hall front desk or Public Safety if you need assistance after hours.


Graduate Assistant

Chastity Stokes
Assistant Residence  Director for Munroe & Belden-Racine Halls