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  • Chicago Police
    For Emergencies - Call 911
  • AOD Contact
    Office of Health Promotion & Wellness
    Lincoln Park Student Center, Suite 302
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  • Alcohol & Drug Abuse Action Helpline
  • Dean of Students Contact
    Lincoln Park Student Center, Suite 307
    2250 N. Sheffield Ave.


Alcohol is the number one drug that college students experiment with, and DePaul University chooses to acknowledge this fact and equip students with education about moderation, harm reduction, substance-free options, and recovery support. Survey results show that most DePaul students already drink moderately and very few use illegal drugs; unfortunately, stereotypes promote risky behavior amongst some students. The misuse prevention specialist seeks to help students make healthy and responsible choices regarding substance use​ that contribute to wellness and safety, while avoiding harm to self and others.

BASICS is provided to any student on an individual basis, and sometimes BASICS is mandated for students who have violated the alcohol and/or drug policies of Code of Student Responsibility. BASICS is also offered to students who may benefit from learning more about their use/misuse. BASICS is an effective, holistic, and evidence-based intervention for helping students reduce risky behaviors and typically involves two one-hour individual sessions. In the sessions, students will learn helpful information related to safety around alcohol and other drugs, including effects of alcohol or cannabis in the body, drug interaction risks, and harm reduction strategies. While BASICS was originally created to focus on alcohol, HPW offers a similar process that focuses more on cannabis.

Choices is a group session that facilitates discussion around alcohol and cannabis from a variety of perspectives. Students will engage in conversations around the culture of drinking and cannabis use, challenge myths and facts, and learn more about the impact on the body and harm reduction strategies to practice safety.

The Substance Misuse Prevention Specialist provides students, faculty, staff and families with information about alcohol and drug use, as well as referrals for treatment and support both on- and off-campus. Students who are concerned about their or someone else's use of substances will not get into trouble for seeking information or help. Also, students, faculty, staff, and families do not need to be certain they or their loved one needs help. The Substance Misuse Prevention Specialist is available for consultation or general support.

If you are in recovery from substance misuse or substance use disorder and would like to connect to other DePaul students in recovery, reach out to the Substance Misuse Prevention Specialist at hpw@depaul.edu or visit go.depaul.edu/recovery to learn more about meetings, gatherings, and available resources.

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