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Sober Voices

​Keynote: Brandon Anthony & Annie Grace
Join two near strangers in this inspiring conversation that shows us while no two journeys in this life are the same there are common threads for us all to find in both our lowest moments and in our wins. Featuring author of “This Naked Mind”, Annie Grace (as seen on Red Table Talk summer 2021), and Brandon Jackson, Creator of #RecoveryRoad on Reddit social media’s largest recovery group.

Panel: Challenges in Accessing Sobriety for BIPOC
Join 5 leaders and activists in the sober community as they share their stories and discuss the challenges BIPOC individuals face in recovery. Featuring Khadi A. Aluwatoyin, Founder of Sober Black Girls Club; Latiana Blue, Founder of Office Hrs; Crystal Rosales; Chris Marshall, Founder of Sans Bar; and Carolyn Collado, Founder of Recovery for the Revolution.

Panel: Finding Love (and Sex) While Queer and Sober
These incredible panelists explore their experiences as they navigate the world as queer sober people looking for ~experiences~ and relationships in a boozy dating world. Featuring Allie Campell, Aeme Benali, Golden Sunrise Collier, Tawny Lara. Moderated by Carly Novoselsky, LPC, NCC, of the Chicago Queer Sober Social.

Panel: Disability Stigma: To Disclose or Not?
Many of us hold multiple identities that come with their own stigmas in spaces we occupy. In this conversation, our panelists discuss how we can live our truth and thrive on our own terms - whether that means disclosing to others or not. Featuring Michelle Yang, Brett Stevenson, Bill Bernat, Dr. Victoria Burns, PhD, RSW, and moderated by Phoebe Conybeare.

Who’s Missing? Making Sober Spaces More Accessible and Inclusive with Lazarus Letcher
Lazarus (pronouns: they/them) goes over the history of addiction recovery in the United States -- especially the legacy of segregation and sexism. Laz will provide solutions to figure out who's not at the table - and why. Some of the rooted oppression from early recovery programs still lingers today, but we can work together to dismantle these structures.

College Drinking: Changing the Narrative with Khadi Oluwatoyin
This video is a call to action for campuses and universities. Khadi A. Oluwatoyin is an attorney and the founder of Sober Black Girls Club - an organization that focuses on health, wellness and sobriety among Black women. Please note this talk mentions suicide and sexual assault. You can join Khadi's digital community on Instagram @soberblackgirlsclub​.

Normalizing and Glamorizing Sobriety with Shea Gomez
In this talk, Shea Gomez discusses society's glamorization of drinking -- and the opportunity to glamorize (and normalize) sobriety. Shea is founder of No Booze Babes and is passionate about changing the current script on alcohol-free living.

Rock Bottom is Not a Pre-Requisite to Sobriety with Tawny Lara
Tawny Lara shares her personal journey toward sobriety: from life as a bartending party girl in Waco, Texas to life as a professional writer and podcaster in NYC with 5 years of sobriety. She didn't wait until she lost everything (even though film and TV tells us that's how it's done!). Her sobriety began as a year-long social experiment that became the foundation of her career as a writer.

The Power of Sober Curiosity with Kirstin Walker
A deep dive on sober curiosity from Kirstin Walker who is the Founder and Creator of Sober Brown Girls. Sober Brown Girls is a safe online community for sober-curious and sober women of color. SBG helps women of color come together and explore life without alcohol in an inclusive community and creates a place of organic sisterhood.

#CommittingtoClarity with Elijah McKinnon
Elijah McKinnon (they/them) is an award-winning strategist, entrepreneur and visionary from the future currently residing on planet earth. In this video, Elijah weaves together media, storytelling, and reflections that have helped them pursue a sober lifestyle rooted in harmony and intention.

Nutrition & Sobriety: Simple Strategies to Support Your Body Through Food During Early Sobriety and Beyond
Krista will cover: the effects of alcohol on the body & brain the key role nutrition plays when you first quit drinking sugar cravings & what to do your nutritional focus areas for physical body healing establishing a healthy relationship with food and your body.