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IPrint From Anywhere

IPrint From Anywhere (IPFA) allows you to print to Intelliprint printers from your personal computer while on campus. With IPFA, you can print directly from your laptop without having to transfer documents to DePaul's lab computers. Students living in residence halls may also use this system to print from their personal computers to the printers that are located in many of the residence hall buildings. Once an IPFA package is installed on your computer, you may simply print to the DePaul IPFA printer to submit a job. After printing, jobs will be available at any open area, computer lab, or residence hall Intelliprint release station location on the campus that you selected for the next four hours. Your computer needs a connection to the DePaul wired or wireless network to submit print jobs.

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • Mac OS X 10.5 - 10.14

You can find instructions on using IPFA at the IPrint From Anywhere Instructions page.​

​Printer Locations

All printers in classrooms and labs are IPFA capable. In addition, the locations below have IPFA printers available:

​Lincoln Park ​​​Loop
​College of Education Lower Level, hallway ​​Daley Building 1128
​College of Education, 1st Floor hallway​ Daley Building 1129/1130, hallway​
​College of Education 250 Daley Building 1138​
​Levan Center 306 Daley Building 1240​
​Music 132, student lounge area DePaul Center 6306
​Music 217 DePaul Center 10015, copy room​
​O'Connell Hall 400 Lewis Center 105​
​SAC 224, GIS lab ​Lewis Center 500, Law Library reference desk area
​SAC 268, QR lab Lewis Center 513, Law Library lab​
​SAC 1st floor Pit Lewis Center 700, student lounge area​
Belden-Racine Hall 200​* Lewis Center 13th floor  ​(hallway outside 1309)​
​Centennial Hall 520*
​Clifton-Fullerton Hall 200*
Corcoran Hall 203 lounge*​
Holtschneider Performance Center, outside 321​
​McCabe Hall 101*
​Munroe Hall 240*
​Sanctuary Hall, common space*
​Seton Hall 316*
​Sheffield Square, laundry room*
​University Hall 100*
  *designates a residence hall