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Intelliprint is DePaul University's all-purpose student printing solution. Printers located in computer labs, libraries, and the Lincoln Park residence halls are all connected to the Intelliprint system.

How it Works

  • Students are allotted $24.00 of free printing per quarter; for law students, the allotment is $36.00 per semester.  Amounts are carried over through quarters and semesters, and are reset at the end of the school year, just before the Fall quarter begins.
  • Intelliprint uses your Demon Express account to fund your printing activity after this allotment has been exceeded.
  • The charge for printing is $0.08 per side ($0.08 for one single-sided page, $0.16 for one double-sided page) in black and white.  $0.50 per side ($0.50 for one single-sided page, $1.00 for one double-sided page) in color

Account Information

Individuals can add money to their Demon Express account by visiting DePaul Central, making an electronic deposit through Campus Connect, or by visiting one of the Vend Transfer Stations​ located throughout campus.

Advantages of the Intelliprint System

  • Students avoid tuition fees by only paying for what they use
  • Selective printing reduces waste and protects the environment by using less paper
  • Students have a streamlined process for accessing printers regardless of where they are on campus
  • Print to the Intelliprint printers from anywhere, using your personal computer, with the iPrint from Anywhere software. 
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