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VHS/DVD Combo Players

​​ VHS Combo players have been removed from most DePaul classrooms. This change was made because VHS has become an obsolete format and manufacturers no longer make VHS Combo players. It is highly recommended that faculty move to digital media where possible (DVD, YouTube, etc.). A few classrooms on both the Lincoln Park and Loop campuses will still be equipped with VHS Combo players. For rooms without the combo players, all DVD/digital media will now be played through the podium computer using one of the supported media players (VLC, Windows Media Player, or iTunes) or through a personally owned laptop, which can be connected to the classroom projector.  

​​Request VHS in the Classroom

Faculty who regularly play VHS media in the classroom will need to request a room equipped with a VHS/DVD combo player from their department class scheduler. Class schedulers will then make arrangements with Academic Space & Scheduling.​

Library Media Resources

​The University Library offers many services to assist you with your classroom media needs, and may be able to help you locate digital versions of content that you are accustomed to using in VHS format​.

Course Reserves

​For titles previously placed on reserve, please contact the library by email at​. If there is library content you are accustomed to using in VHS format, but have not placed on reserve, please reach out to your subject liaison librarian and request that the Library investigate purchasing this content in DVD or digital format. To request a DVD which the Library already owns for reserves for a class, please submit a request via the Ares Courses form.​

Library DVD & Streaming Collections

DePaul has a rich collection of DVD content​, with over 6,000 titles available, in addition to collections of streaming video, music and audio.  If you are a faculty member and you would like to suggest a purchase for the overall collection, please contact your liaison librarian

Personal VHS Tapes

If you have personal VHS tapes that you would like to digitize for your personal archives, there are various outside vendors located throughout the city and suburbs that provide this service.  ​ 

Viewing VHS Tapes in the Library

The Library plans to maintain the existing VHS/DVD players in both the John T. Richardson library and the Loop library for use by library patrons. ​